Tapas Restaurant

Restaurant Tapas

The best Spanish restaurants in West Midlands, England: Jose's Tapas Restaurant is a family business in the heart of Wakefield. Restaurant and lounge bar, unpretentious, cosy, undeniable tapas. Tapas Ibiza is international on the terrace and in the kitchen. Tapas have become a more sophisticated cuisine in some bars and restaurants in Spain and around the world.


Eating, like living, is best enjoyed with your family, and tapas are the epitome of being share. Learn more and join the revolution to take the true Spanish flavour to the UK. We continue our quest to put tapas on the UK tapas menu. Come join the revolution.

Click on the buttons below for opening hours, menu, reservation and more information about our tapas bar. Become the first to know what's going on, new Omar formulas and exquisite rewards. and more! Hispanic cuisine is no longer the domain of holiday cooking, because Omar Allibhoy's Hispanic Made Simple makes it unbelievably simple to recreate genuine flavors at home.

Omar's philosphy is simple: you can prepare food without much effort and still enjoy it like a real royal. "The meals I have grown up with have indelibly shaped my heart," says Omar, "my goal is to persuade everyone to include some of my favorites in their week-long repertoire".

The Regata - Tapas of Spain

Explore the restaurant La Regata and the tapas restaurant in the centre of Southampton and let yourself be carried away into another time. When you feel like trying many different tastes, La Regata's tapas range is rich, genuine and homemade every day with the crisps. There is a good range of excellent quality Spanish and international cuisine, as well as a wide variety of Spanish favorites, like Temperanillo, Navarra, Ribera del dureo and many more.

You will surely find something for your lunches or dinners in this beautiful, genuine restaurant jewel.

Tapas, Edinburgh's genuine tapas restaurant

We offer a wide variety of organic and free-range meats, our Pata Negra Black Pigs embodies our wish to use only the highest qualitiy ingredients to produce our own special and unmistakable cuisine. If you want to try and rummage through our wine list, try a cool Manzanilla Sherry or our Morcilla de Burgos (Spanish blood sausage with fried quail egg), Tapa will spoil your palate and we are sure that we will make your trip to Leith even more rewarding.

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