The tapas popular throughout Spain are festive and tasty aperitifs and snacks that are perfect for meetings or summer evenings. However, there are many misunderstandings about exactly what tapas means. A" first course" for beginners, this is a short description of some of the most common tapas that visitors can expect in any typical tapas bar. We are a family run restaurant and we are ready to serve you your favourite drink, your favourite tapas or a full meal every day of the week.

Tapas menu

The most frequent type of dressing is the mayo and cloves, usually dressed with baked or barbecued potato, seafood, meat/vegetable. Paps arrugadasAlso known as peppers with crusts (see Canary Islands ), this meal is made of very small new potato cooked in salted seawater, then dripped, lightly toasted and with mojosauce, a knob of clove, cloves of olives, white spiritegar, white spirit, rice and crusty bred topping.

Padrón PimientosSmall paprika from Padrón (a town in the A Coruña region of Galicia), roasted in extra virgin or uncooked olives, most are mellow, but some in each lot are quite ardent. In Galicia, it is boiled in boiled tapioca ( "Pulpo a la gallegaGalician octopus") or krabo á feira in cooking or frying pans and hotly poured into extra virgin oils.

Calamari are flavoured with a lot of pepper, which gives them their reddish colour, and seasalt for taste and textur.

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