Tanintharyi Hotel in Maungmagan

Hotel Tanintharyi in Maungmagan

The Maungmagan Beach Resort is located in Myanmar, Tanintharyi region, Dawei. Maungmagan Beach Road, Dawei, Myanmar. Have a look at the reviews of Maung Magan Beach Resort - Hotel Dawei Restaurant. Tanintharyi Divisin borders on the state of Mon in the north and Thailand in the east. The Maungmagan Beach, Tanintharyi Division (Hotel on the Beach).

Just a good hotel in Maungmagan Beach - Review of Maung Magan Beach Resort, Dawei, Myanmar

From Dawei it is 30 to 40 min to the hotel. Don't anticipate checking into this hotel early, as you won't be able to check in until 1 pm. Rooms are very neat, comfortable single bed, air conditioning works well and no-wifi at all. A rich and varied breakfasts are served and a neat and well-run menu is provided.

All in all, this is the only nice and respectable hotel in Maungmagan Beach.

DanceThinTaryi Division Hotels - Best prices for hotels in DanceTaryi Division up to 70% discount

Go on a tour to Tanintharyi and see the richness of miracles the division has to provide. Tanintharyi has a lot to do and see with 3 towns and some of the country's most famous touristic sites. Tanintharyi provides hotel facilities for all budgets, as well as a wide range of outdoor pursuits for all interests.

Don't Bother - Review of Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, Myanmar

Like many in Southeast Asia, this is a terrible state. It' an interesting sightseeing tour to watch fishermen in peace and fishermen at work. It' s an extreme messy sandy place, there's garbage on every corner, and I couldn't imagine that many folks would be courageous enough to go swimming on this one.

You can find several beachside bars and pubs that just throw their garbage in front of their stores. Although I appreciate the Myanmar story and the way Myanmar's biodiversity has developed, this sandy spot does not show any good managerial strategies at all. The tourism greenback will be very important for the economy, society and culture of this land in the near to the bottom of the world.

Canoeing Tide, Sea House - Maungmagan Beach, Dawei Traveller Ratings

In the guesthouse there are several twin or twin bed chalets and a private bath with tub and toilet. When you have been to Thailand, the odds are that this is not a very attractive place, but if you keep your expectation low (at least in relation to clean sandy and turbid water), then it is a great place to stay for a few hrs.

Best of all, it hardly sees any tourist like Dawei himself, so it's very scenic with fishermen' yachts and children as well. Dawei is the only way to get there by cab, for which we were called 30,000 kyats in the vehicle or 15,000 in a tukuk (or 8,000 on a motorcycle).

This trip is quite a pleasant way to see Dawei's surroundings, but I'm not sure I'd be as enthusiastic about the beaches as the guides. However, the family-run restaurant that line it is really cute and a great place to get good quality fish and shellfish. It was a pleasure to walk on the shore and swim in the clear water.

I' ve come now, as the trend will grow and the sea will be changing. At the Kanbauk Tide Sea House, which was close to the residence, I lived cheaply and on the water. Also, the main residence next to it seems to be okay. Ediso Restaurante on the sea is inexpensive with good meals.

There is a possibility to bike to Maungmagan and there are also heated sources in the area. The Maungmagan is a 20 minute drive from Dawei, the nearest one. It is sad that there would be much more potential in this area if folks were much more cautious with their waste and did not build a restaurant so near the ocean.

In principle, all the garbage is dumped on the areas on the back of the restaurant, also very near some peopleĀ“s-house. Some of the best recreational areas around the resort are the north area ( (only reachable on foot or via bungalows DDPC) and the beaches just down the Maungmagan Strand Resort.

A good number of restaurants on the beaches offer a large selection of good quality shellfish and shellfish meals, but be warned that very few English speakers. Approximately half an hours from Dawei by cab or touk touc is the beautiful Maungmagan town with its beautiful sun.

There' are a number of diners in the palms on a part of the shore, a few interesting fishermen towns at both ends and a cute hotel right on the shore, the Maungmagan Resort. Although not ideal, the employees here are very busy, the rooms are very good for the area' s standard, with A/C ( (and some with magnificent seaviews ), the breakfasts are inclusive and this is by far the best hotel in the area.

Maungmagan Resort seems to have been ignored by the guides in favor of the Coconut Guest Houses - where English is better known - and which is often described as a 10 minutes walking distance from the shore (in fact, the Coconut Guest Houses are a good half hours on foot, along a street with garbage heaps).

Because Maungmagan is more focused on the taste of the area, it has its peculiarities and is special in that if you appreciate tranquillity and tranquillity, ask for a room as far away from the restaurante. The Maungmagan Beach itself is all right - but some others we have seen in the area have had a perilous pull.

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