Tangier Medina

Tanganyika Medina

Discover Tangier with our detailed guide to help you find your way around the city. Spanish Apartments Tanger Port Medina Palme. Tanger is a large city in the northwest of Morocco. In a labyrinth of narrow alleys, Tangier's Medina (Old Town) falls down the cliff to the sea.

Tangiers Medina - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos)

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Pictures of the medina in Tangier Morocco

Situated in the north of Morocco, Tangier is the most varied and internationally active town in the state. In spite of the assembly, the town stays alive in the Near East. Smells of spice, cakes, teas and smoking mix with crowded streets. Medina - the old fortified town in Tangier - surrounds the pulsating town.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, this masonry area is overcrowded with meats and produces stands and sellers that sell everything from seasonings and cathedrals to carpets, fabrics, silk and more. Only motorcycles driving down the tight, precipitous and curvy roads drown out the sound of negotiations and conversations.

Twice a day a week, Tangier and surrounding farms visit the medina with their herds. This group of small farms gather around the large crossroads of the medina, spread the products on tarpaulins and wait six or eight long quietly for the loot to be sold before they return home.

When darkness falls, the villagers disappear and the villagers go back to contemporary homes that have been constructed on the city's rolling countryside far beyond the 700-year-old ramparts. There is a large old arc at the medina entry. In the old medina wall of the medina growers and farmer laid out their goods - virgin vegetable, fruit, herbs, canvas.

Salespeople draw clients by selling patterns of their goods, such as these small paprikash. Besides new products, the company also sells new meats and seafood as well. Sellers are selling all kinds of bulk dry herbs, as well as flavoured beans. Old arches part the medina. Medina's roads are tortuous and full of sellers.

At the floor humans are selling clothes, products, carpets and more. You can see the Mediterranean from some roads in the medina. Colourful carpets from Morocco are produced in the back rooms of the medina and are for sal. By the end of the morning, however, those in need are withdrawing to the contemporary town where they are living and working.

The majority of the population lives in homes on the town' s hill. In the medina everything is quiet when the sundown. At the end of the morning even the normally busy harbour in front of the medina is emptying. You are now looking at another town in the Near East.

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