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Tangiers (; Arabic: ????? ?anjah; Berber: ????? ; old Berber name: ????? Tingi; Latin: tingi; French: Tangiers; Spanish: It is a large metropolis in the northwest of Morocco. It is the capitol of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima area and of Tangier-Assilah in Morocco.

Several civilizations and civilizations have shaped the story of Tangier, beginning before the fifth world war. From the time as a Berber city and then as a Phoenician trade center until the 1950' s, Tangier was a hub for many nationalities. It was recognised internationally by the colonising countries in 1923 and became the target of many British and British embassies, spy missionaries, authors and business people.

At the moment, the town is in a state of fast growth and modernization. Among the project are new tourist facilities along the cove, a state-of-the-art shopping area named Tangier Center, a new airfield and a new soccer team. Tangier's industry will also profit from the new Tangier-Med dock. 2 ] Tangier is also known by Moroccans as Boughaz or "the Northern Bride" and "the gateway to Africa" because of its special position on the continent's summit.

The palace of justice in the Tangier Kasbah, one from the turn of the twentieth and the other from 2015 (left). Tangiers was established in the early fifth millennium BC by Catholic settlers, who were probably the first to set up on the coastline. Hercules' caverns, just a few kilometers from the town, are an important touristic area.

Tingi (?????? in ancient Greek) came under the reign of the Romans in the 2. cent. BC (146 B.C.). This was the site of the martyrdom of Saint Marcellus of Tangier. In the fourth centuary the most important romantic place of Mauritania, Tingitana, was of enormous importance and prosperity.

Tingi " was captured and squatted by the Tingi in the fifth cent. Sultan Moulay Ismail of Morocco attempted to conquer the city in 1679, but a paralyzing blockage by his Jaysh al-Rifi eventually compelled the English to retreat. Before they left in 1684, the English ruined the city and its docks.

The town was partly rebuilt under Moulay Ismail, but it slowly receded until it had no more than 5,000 inhabitants in 1810. United States inaugurated its first Tangier embassy during the tenure of George Washington. In 1821 the alloy building in Tangier became the first land purchased abroad by the US state - a present from Sultan Moulay Suliman to the USA.

1828 Great Britain blocked the harbour in revenge for the pirates. Giuseppe Garibaldi, an ltalian revolutionist, was exiled to Tangier at the end of 1849 and in the first half of 1850 after the collapse of the revolution. Its geographical position made Tangier a center of Europes political and trade rivalries in Morocco in the latter part of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

At the beginning of the twentieth millennium it had about 40,000 inhabitants, among them 20,000 Muslims, 10,000 Jews and 9,000 Europeans (7,500 Spanish). In 1905, Emperor William II caused an almost global conflict between his own and France, advocating Morocco's further autonomy, with a view to its subsequent purchase by the German Reich.

Morocco was divided in 1912 between France and Spain, which occupied the far northern and the high southern parts of the land, while France proclaimed a patronage for the rest. Moulay Hafid, the last sultan of Morocco, was banished to the sultanate palace in the Tangier Kasbah after his enforced resignation in favor of his sibling Moulay Yusef.

In 1923 Tangier was declared an interna-tional area under the common management of France, Spain and Great Britain, and it was founded in Paris on 18 December 1923. The town was part of the greater Mauritanian Caesariensis region, which comprised a large part of North Africa. We do not know exactly when there may have been a bishop's seat in Tangier in antiquity, but in the Middle Ages Tangier was used as a seat of title (i.e.

At the end of the third millennium, Tangier was the site of the mass of Saint Marcellus of Tangier, whose name was recorded in Rome's Martyrology on 30 October, and of Saint Cassian, who was recorded on 3 December. It also has the English St. Andrew's Curch. Tangiers is considered a safer place for espionage.

Tangiers gained the status of an espionage and smuggle center and drew international funds through politic impartiality and freedom of trade. In 1943, the Banque of England received for the first timepieces of the counterfeit Briton money in "Operation Bernhard" from a UK banking institution in Tangier.

It was also a theme for many espionage novels and movies (see Tangier in pop culture). Multi-cultural positions of Muslim, Judaic and Judaic congregations and immigrant foreigners drew authors and composers Paul Bowles, Tennessee Williams, William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, the artist Brion Gysin and the Rolling Stones, all of whom came to Tangier at different times of the twentieth world.

After Delacroix, Tangier became an essential station for those who wanted to see for themselves the colors and the lighting he was talking about - with different results. She stayed several times in Tangier, always at the Grand Hotel Villa de France. "I' ve found sceneries in Morocco," he said, "exactly as they are described in Delacroix' work.

" California based Richard Diebenkorn was directly inspired by the vivid colors and rhythmical designs of Matisse's Moroccan work. Among them were Paul Bowles, who spent more than half a hundred years living and writing in the town, Tennessee Williams and Jean Genet, as well as Mohamed Choukri (one of North Africa's most disputed and widely reading authors), Abdeslam Boulaich, Larbi Layachi, Mohammed Mrabet and Ahmed Yacoubi.

" Irrespective of this, William S. Burroughs spent four years in Tangier and written Naked Lunch, whose place Interzone is an innuendo to the town. Morocco re-integrated the town of Tangier after several years of progressive separation from Spain and France with the signature of the Tangier Protocol on 29 October 1956.

Tangiers is still a very favourite holiday resort for cruisers and day-trippers from Spain and Gibraltar. Morocco's only top-class kricket arena is the National Kricket Arena. From August 12 to 21, 2002 the first ever multinational tournament took place in the arena. Tanger has been awarded the prestigious title of being the first North African multinational criminal arena by the latters governing body, the Council.

After Casablanca, Tangier is Morocco's second most important manufacturing town. At present, the town has four industry reserves, two of which have the free trade zones designation (see Free Trade Area Tangier). There is a cove that borders the center of the town, stretching for more than 7 kilometers (4 miles). 2007 and 2008 were particularly important for the town because of the major building project, including the Tangier-Mediterranean Harbour with its industry park, a 45,000-seat sport arena, an extended commercial quarter and a refurbished tourism area.

Tanger Med, a new harbour 40 kilometres outside the town of Tanger, began work in 2004 and was put into operation in 2007. Composition of the new harbour is 85% handling 15% for local imports and exports. 32 ] The harbour is characterised by its scale, structure and efficient management of ship flows.

Tanger Med has connected Morocco with the European cargo sector. This has also contributed to connecting Morocco with Mediterranean, African and American states. Tangier's harbour has made it a globalised town with new global possibilities for promoting business as well. 33 ] The aim of the harbour's building and operating activities was to generate 120,000 new employment, 20,000 of which in the harbour and 100,000 as a result of increasing business activities.

Tangier's farming is terra firma and mainly cereals. This town, located on the Straits of Gibraltar, has a harbour that controls the flow of goods and passengers (more than one million passengers per year) and an integrated harbour with a fishery dock. The handicraft business in the old town is mainly specialized in the processing of leathers, wooden and sterling arts and crafts, as well as folk clothes and footwear of Maroccan origins.

As a result of the migration to the countryside from other smaller towns and settlements, the town grew rapidly. There is a rail link between Tangier and Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech in the southern part and Fez and Oujda in the eastern part. Rabat-Tangier motorway links Tangier with Fez via Rabat 250 km and Settat via Casablanca 330 km and the Tangier-Med docks.

Ibn Batouta International Airport (formerly known as Tangier-Boukhalef) is 15 km southwest of the center of the town. Tangier-Med will be administered by the A. P. Moller-Maersk Group and will release the old harbour for tourism and leisure activities. The Ibn Batouta International Airport in Tangier and the railway tunnels act as a gate to the Moroccan Riviera, the coastal area between Tangier and Oujda.

Ibn Batouta International has been modernised to increase the number of services. Royal Air Maroc is the largest carrier at the international airports. The majority of Tangiers speaking Darija (Maghreb-Arabic) is mainly Spanish-speaking. Approximately 25% of the city's population talk to Berbers in their everyday life. Tangierian, as the people call their own tongue, is different from the remainder of Morocco, with an encyclopaedia of Berber, Spanish, English and ancient Tangierian words.

Tangiers has four kinds of educational systems: There are many colleges inside and outside the town. Colleges such as the Institut Superieur International de Tourisme (ISIT), which awards degrees, provide classes in everything from economics to hospitality services. More than a hundred elementary school in Morocco are spread throughout the town. Tangiers is a twin city:

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