The Burmese Tanai (Burmese: ?????

????????) is a city in Kachin State in the northernmost part of the Union of Myanmar. Receive the Tanai weather forecast. Newest tweets from Tanai (@Tanai_Cardona). All about'tanai' in the de Bhaldraithe dictionary. He is a Senior Financial Sector Expert in the Monetary and Capital Markets Division of the International Monetary Fund.

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Thanai is a city in Kachin State in the most northern part of the Union of Myanmar. Thanai can also relate to it: The Disamiguation page shows items related to the Tanai name. Once an inside reference has taken you here, you can modify the reference so that it points directly to the desired part.

Tatmadaw says Kachin cannot allow Kachin an IDP to remain in Tanai - Myanmar

Myanmar's Tatmadaw said last night that it would forcefully bring back Kachin of Awng Lawt's ADPs, who escaped to the city of Tanai. Awng Lawt, located near the Kachin Independence Military (KIA)'s Brigade 2 headquarter, is now under the command of Tatmadaw according to the military's own records.

The Tatmadaw staff travelled around Tanai and announced that the military would "help" the displaced and help them on their way back to the Awng Lawt people. The Tatmadaw said in the statement that the KIA had burnt down some villagers' houses. "will not allow an IDP camps to open in the city for people who have escaped from the Awng Lawt villagg.

You' re all going to have to go back and remain in your town. We announce that we will provide all the help you need to settle in your village," the military in Tanai heralded. Tatmadaw said he didn't destroy any personal belongings in the town. He said the KIA has retreated from its bases near Awng Lawt.

Everything was still in place, except for some houses that the KIA had burnt down when it withdrew from the town, the military said in its proclamation. The Tatmadaw was accusing him of lies. The Tatmadaw said in his proclamation that the township agencies and church and community leaders would help the displaced to return to their villages and that the military would even accompany them.

She ordered the people of Tanai, who were displaced from the town of Awng Lawt, to notify the local authority to make their returns easier. Two different groups of displaced people from the hamlet of Awng Lawt. Approximately 200 people ran aground in Tanai when they attended a worship celebration after the Tatmadaw started an attack on April 11.

A further group of some 2,000 internally displaced people hid in a jungles area in the Hukawng Valley under the control of KIA Brigade 2. KIA's Col Naw Bu said both KIA and Tatmadaw forces had been deploying on the Tanai-Awng Lawt-Strait. KIA spokesperson said it is not yet certain for displaced persons to come back to Awng Lawt.

Things are not even in Awng Lawt himself settled. It was headquartered in the town of Awng Lawt until it was caught on 11 April in a Tatmadaw campaign with troops on land and sea and long-range bombardment. KIA was compelled to leave HQ because it could not fend off the assault, according to a KIA resource.

Tatmadaw also fired on KIA HQ in Laiza. Two or more of the civilian population were shot down in the Laiza and Tanai areas and another five were injured. At the beginning of the monthly the KIA declared that it was starting a guerrilla and land mine attack against areas in Tanai where illicit coal extraction activities are taking place.

About 1,200 displaced people, still caught in the jungles by combat, are being helped by some Kachin groups and church leadership. Other groups of internally displaced people are thought to be hidden in the jungles, but the faith groups have not yet been able to help them. Myanmar's army has asked the KIA on several occasions to retreat from some of its military sites in areas full of silver, yellow and yellow and in an area along China's One Belt One Road initiatives.

KIA has declined to retreat and draws attention to the continuing violations of humanitarian law committed by the Myanmar army.

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