The Tanagra is a municipality in central Greece. It can also help Tanagra: Throughout Shantil III, Tanagra was an island continent where the mythological figures Darmok and Jalad once faced a common enemy, the beast of Tanagra. The Tanagra Tanagra are a Portland, OR-based Prog/Power Metal Quintet.

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Ancient Tanagra (Greek: ???????) is a city and community in Boeotia, Greece, just south of Athens. Shimatari [2] It is not far from Thebes and was mentioned in ancient times for the figures of it. Tanagra figures were a mass-produced, casted and burned kind of Grecian terra cotta figures, which were made in the late 4th c. BC, especially in Tanagra.

The biggest aviation show ever organised in Greece, Archangelos, took place in Tanagra on Sunday 18 September 2005. There are 461,023 sq km, 122,527 sq km, 27,814 sq km[4] Tanagra SE of Thiva and Arma, SW of Shimatari and NW of Agios Thomas.

Farmland surrounds the remainder of Tanagra, the Asopus River and the Parnitha Hills in the southern hemisphere. You can reach Tanagra via GR-1 in the northern part and via a country lane connecting Thiva (Thebes) in the wests. There are two motorway junctions to Tanagra, a partly southward driveway, a northwestbound driveway and an almost full eastward driveway that gives easy motorway 44 and 77 links to the Euboea isle.


The old fierce prickly pear gave the name " Tanagra " to the farmyard - reminiscent of the Khoisan term for a shady place. Situated in the McGregor/Robertson valley on the edge of the Klein Karoo (Western Cape, South Africa), Tanagra is set in the midst of vines, native rugged fynboes and hills. The largest part of the 78 ha large yard is reachable via various footpaths (also suitable for mountaineers ) with entrance to the nature reserve Vrolijkheid with longer birdwalks and mountaineering paths.

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