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Welcome to the Texas A&M Core Facility Portal!

AggieFab Nanofabrication Facility is a joint nano/micro manufacturing system with over 5,000 m² of clean room area in the 100/1000 category and more than 50 nano/micro manufacturing and analytical devices. AgriGenomics' laboratory focuses on phytosanitary, germplasm and nuclear extraction, plate-based spectrometry, PCR-based single complex typing (KASP assays) and CNV testing (CLA assays).

BETA has a full range of test and analysing equipment for biomasses, fuels, bioproducts and high value chemical substances in a central test centre that carries out a standardised and high value analyses of the characteristics of biomasses and their transformation product. At the IBT in Houston, the IBT offers its customers state-of-the-art cellular screening and analytic fluid streaming.

HTS Nucleus has state-of-the-art robot technology, automatic image processing equipment and a wide range of licensed medicines, mechanical regulator and chemicals to help discover new research techniques, therapeutical deficiencies and therapies for some of the most disastrous ailments. It is the Integrated Metabolomics Analysis Centre's objective to offer the TAMU research consortium state-of-the-art know-how and service for the sensible, exact and exact measuring of small molecule and metabolite using massspectrometric-technology.

The available instruments are able to investigate structures, characteristics and interaction of and between man-made and biological media from the molar to the nano dimension. Center for Material Development and Characterisation focuses on the production of metal, alloy, compound and ceramics as well as the characterisation of their structures and their mechanic, thermic and magnetical characteristics.

Microscopy and imaging center offers transmission and scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy education and service, as well as specimen preparing, machine vision and analytical work. Our range of products comprises traditional and cytogenic animal and animal cytogenetics. These include the detection of specimens, karyotypeisation, genome stability analyses, gender chromosome analyses and fluorescent in-situ hybridisation.

Electronics workshop offers electronics device designs, constructions, PCB manufacturing and repairs. In addition, we have a spare parts warehouse with 4000 parts and fluid nitrate. Our laboratory for proteinaceous chemistry offers proteinacetical service, practical workshop and personal consulting. The service portfolio includes MALDI and ESI immunospectrometry, Edman sequence automation, and separation of proteins and peptides.

The nucleus has two chromatographic scale spectrometer isotopes that are able to measure the stability of the isotopic proportions of C, N, O and H in a large number of different matrixes, both organics and minerals, to better understanding the geochemistry of the Earth-Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere system. Our X-ray scattering lab focuses on the determination of the molecule structures of monocrystalline specimens and high-resolution X-ray particle scattering.

As a full-services institution, we are able to define the three-dimensional structures and perform particle size analyses. An AvaaTech third generating ED-XRF (energy dispersed X-ray fluorescence) nucleus scanners are housed in the Geosciences Laboratory (B140) on 1000 Discovery Drive. It enables non-destructive elementary detection of the surfaces of half sediments or rocks.

Our services include pedigree, trait recognition, fur colour tests, equine pedigree tests and hereditary disease and trait genetics.

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