Tamora Pierce Tortall

amora Pierce Tortall

The Knights of Tortall and the Contemporary Heroic" (Crossroads : TWO-ONE-EIGHT, 211 B.H.E. Beka Cooper's events: Tortall legends begin at 230 H.E.

The Song of the Lioness begins at 400 H.E. The immortal series begins at 449 H.E. The Protector of the Small begins at 452 H. E. Tricksters shows start at 462 H.E. 250 B.H.E. - 199 H.E. | 200 H.E. - 399 H.E. | 400 H.E. - 449 H.E. | 450 H.E. - 465 H.E. 211 B.H.E. Tortall becomes a supreme national.

The Provostís Guard is the work of King Baird III of Tortall. Because-Braakah Cooper is birth. The Diona Cooper is out. It was Lorine Cooper who was borne. Wille Cooper was borne. Name of Nilo Cooper. She accepts her hosts and starts to teach Beka about provost work. 13 November: Beka is taken to her grandma to see if she is crazy; Beka finds out that she has the air gift.

Piccadilly's coming to Beka. This is Nestor of Haryse. Beka fell in love with him. llony Cooper is dying of pulmonary sickness. 13 November: Lord Gershom talks to Goodwin and Tunstall about Beka's help with the limping of the Bold Brass. 1st April: Beka starts her first working days as a puppy; is allocated to Goodwin and Tunstall.

It is Beka's first significant capture as a puppy: 7 April: Beka has her first encounter with Yate's Noll. This is Beka and her dogs ending another clandestine slavery bid. 9 May: Beka welcomes the Ashmiller children and Tansy Lofts. 10 May: Beka asks Rosto to go after him. Beka, Aniki, Berryman and Goodman supervise Crookshanks foreman, who collect them.

This is Beka and Co. following a labourer to the excavation site. Bka and Co. save excavators and catch Vrinday Kayu. They' re calling Beka and Ersken to rebel. Beka, Goodwin, Tunstall and Ersken are leaving the insurgency to pursue Rosto's leadership towards Yates. Bka and Co. save Heron Lofts. Mistress Noll is caught by Beka.

Kara gives a spelling mark to Bka. and Tunstall give her a set of mittens that prevent magicians from tracking her from the things she wears. In the cesspool, she sees humans in fire leaping from a flaming fire. Kevin Pell limps; a fortnight later he is condemned to northerly street teams.

6 September: Ahuda is threatening to return Beka to pup-working. At Silsbee' s word, Beka says he's looking for a new mate. Sept. 7: Tansy accidently happens to pass a Colle (fake silver). This time Beka is working with Goodwin and Tunstall again. This time Beka finds a player with coins playing with a Port Caynn player.

8 September: Beka and Tunstall find out that the breadmaker, Garnett, has passed the coke he has had. But Beka finds Ercole Hempstead, a drunken elderly guard who beats Achoo with her own bat. When Beka finds out from her sister's sister Philben that he got his coke when he unloaded and transported goods from The Merry Molly.

When he learnt that they were counterfeit, he bought a slaves with the wrong currency; finds out that the player's name was Hanse Remy. During the insurrection Beka met Dale Rowan, Steen and Hanse. 9 September: Peklan is teaching Beka orders for Achoo.

10 September: Beka is attacked outside her house by Madon and Geraint Pell. 12 September: Goodwin and Bea are ordered to go to Port Caynn to examine the Cole issue. One of the reasons why he is leaving Beka is to deal with some other situations. 14 September: Beka and Goodwin go to Port Caynn.

15 September: Beka sees a pick-pocket swap wallets to get cole into the big time; she tries to make an arrestment. Mister Isanz Finer asks Goodwin to find the spring of silvery. She has Pearl Skinner take her Rusher's Beka and Goodwin to her for questioning. For dinner Beka and Goodwin go to Merman's Cave, then to The Waterlily (a playhouse) with Hanse Remy, Dale Rowan and their audience.

Deale-- Dale is teaching Goodwin how to gambler's chance. Goodwin and Beka are asked by Vana to help find their lost daughters; Achoo follows the smell to a car with a closed crate full of seven of them. 17 September: Beka interviews a rats that is being tortures by Cage Dogs; finds out that Steen Bolter is purchasing Messing for Pearl Skinner.

Well, Goodwin decided she has to go back to Corus to get backup. So Beka gets a puppet trailer and goes to spend the evening with Dale Rowan. 19 September: Master Isanz's granddaughter, Merand, told Beka that her granddaddy, her uncle and aunt had been kidnapped by a dog and accused of co-lemongering. So Beka goes to Sir Lionel and asks for the Finer family's free.

Lionel attack Beka with witchcraft when she offends him, freezes her and then inflicts repeated acute aches. Lionel told Ives, another dog, that Beka had done a crime against the empire and instructed Ives to accompany her to join her in a chattery prison and throw her in a casket shelter. Sgt Axman saves Beka with five other bitches and Achoo.

It is Beka who goes to the villain's court and deceives Pearl about her interactions with Sir Lionel. Knight Beka finds out that Steen and his team have been taken to the cage to transport illicit pieces of gold; Pearl send Zolaika to destroy them. Pearl is told by Ives that Beka blamed her for colemongery against Sir Lionel.

This is Beka fleeing the villain's court. She is paying two young mice to save Beka; she is paying them to show her where Pearl's supplies of sterling sterling sterling silver are, and one of Pearl's dressing rooms to help her take fragrant clothing. So Beka walks to the water lily and is hiding with Ohka. 21 September: Nestor and Beka bring dogs to Pearls Colezmithing Room.

Hanses and Steen's corpses talk to Beka and reveal Hanse's intention to destroy Tortall with Cole's as revenge for being kicked out of the armed forces. Yuri murders Slapper before he runs away; Beka and Achoo follow him. Yupp helps Beka kill several rivals; he decides to turn against the Pearl. It gives Beka a bead toothing to help her follow her aroma.

Yupp is running away, and Beka says she will hinder him when she sees him again. In the search for Pearl, Jurji and Zolaika, who are trying to make a reservation for a trip to the Yamani Islands, they will help them. B Beka hunts Pearl into the sewer; she and Goodwin limp when the flood comes.

Beka awakes after a few relaxing nights and finds Pounce back to her. and blames the distant one. Beka is told by Goodwin that she will take over Ahuda's position as desk sergeant, as Ahuda will move to the Flash District. Barzun is invaded by Tortall during the rule of King Jasson III.

After his own confrontation with the locals, Eleni Cooper takes George to the stories of Beka Cooper. Smythesson rescue Gareth from Naxen. Appointment of George Cooper (exact date). orge Cooper becomes the villain's king. The two girls change places and drive to the city of the gods and the palace (or) for practice.

Alanna is Ralon's bet. Thom and Alanna will be eleven. She and Gary are meeting George in town. For the first torment Alanna (physically) since early this year, Alanna is being harassed by him. AIanna conquers raalon just before midwinter. Sweating disease arrives in Tortall. AIanna is saving Jon's Iife; myyles reveals the mystery of Alanna. Excursion to Port Caynn (sometime in spring); Alanna begins to bind her breast.

AIanna and Tom are twelve. And Alanna rejects bathing with the guys and gets joked by a bunch of pals. AIanna presents Jon George, and they buy Moonlight and Darkness. In the four most recent pages (Alanna, Geoffrey, Sacherell, Douglass), she begins her swordfighting school. Alena and Sacherell fight a battle; Sacherell beats them. 5 May: Alanna has her first one.

Your mystery will be solved for George. She' s meeting Eleni Cooper for the first one. Thom and Alanna turn thirteen. AIanna is (...) limited to the Palast. Journey to Barony Olau with Sir Myles; Alanna receives Life. Aannas dueling with Geoffrey and winning. Meanwhile, the miners (and Alanna) are meeting Ali Mukhtab. The Ysandir is defeated by Jon and Alanna.

He tells Jon that Alanna is a little lass. Thom and Alanna become fourteen (between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess). It is Raoul von Goldenlake who passed his knightly examination. Naxen's Gareth (the younger) passed his knight's examination. Aleksandr von Tirragen passed his knight's examination.

The prince Jonathan of Conté passed his knight's examination. AIanna will be Jon's squire. Trebond's new lord, Tom. And Coram is returning to Trebond. He begins to doubt "Alan" and send men to keep an eyes on him. Alanna's first love affair (by George). They have to go camping in the Royal Forest; a wild pig is attacking Alanna.

AIlex and Alanna Duell; Alex almost killed Alanna. Georges gives Alanna information about Tusaine. For the first Egyptian, Alanna is proposed by Georges. AIanna and company are fighting Tusaine in the Intersection. on is kissing Alanna. There is Alanna in front of Roger. They' re taking Alanna prisoner. Thom and Alanna turn sixteen. AIanna calls on Eleni Cooper to tell her about women's clothes and the like.

There is a chase for Demon Grey, who is attacking Alanna. AIanna and Tom are seventeen. AIanna and Jon are going to be lover. Myles and Alanna talk about Duke Roger. AIanna decided to go to Thom. AIanna and George (vaguely) are discussing their relation to Jon. to the city of the gods. Tom has become a master.

On his way home, George almost gets himself murdered. Thom and Alanna will be eighteen; Alanna is well equipped. AIanna admits her name to Gary ("shortly after her birthday"). She passed her knightly examination. AIanna fights Duke Roger. AIanna won, Roger died. This is Alanna and Coram heading southwards. The flash is corrupted; Alanna finds the saber.

This is Alanna and Coram becoming part of the Bloody Hawk Bodhir people. Alanna is the voice of the tribes. And Coram's heading due in northern to get Jonathan. Ibn Akhnan Nazzir tries to slay Alanna with the Cristal Strip. AIanna' s gonna take the blade and slaughter him. She starts to train Kara, Kourrem and Ishak as trainees.

AIanna is learning to weave. And Coram is returning. After a triathlon battle Jon becomes a bazhire. She has her adoptive service with Myles; Kara and Kourrem are among the seven testimonies - a first for female bazhirs. Johnny and Alanna are fighting. This is Alanna and Coram traveling to Port Caynn to see George. And Coram will meet Rispah.

AIanna and Tom are nineteen. AIanna and George are going to be lover. Tom lets Duke Roger rise again. AIanna wants to go down South. orge is going to corus. This is Alanna and Coram going down southward for a whole weekend to George. Alanna is sent to Lake Tirragen by Halef Seif to help the magician of Alois. The magician Alanna gives the card to the Dominion Jewel and the magic to repair the flash five day before she dies.

Alena and Coram show up in Berat to find Nahom Jendrai. AIanna' s meeting Liam Ironarm. Goddess is coming back to Alanna. Alanna, Coram and Liam leave Maren in early May. Lieu Muhammad Liam begins to teach Alanna the Shang fight. She and Liam become lover. She will meet Tayet Wilima and Buriram Tourakom and accompany them (and the kids with them) to Racchia.

Alanna's party crosses the east frontier of Saren and drives to the roof of the world. AIanna gets the Dominion Jewel. So Liam and Alanna end their rapport. Eventually she and Thom turn twenty. So Raoul and Alanna meet up and everyone travels back to Tortall. Sixty and a half day before the crowning ceremony (and two after returning to Tortall), Alanna is appointed King Master.

I will pardon George and grant him nobles. She has her last encounter with the goddess and encounters the other gods. Lord Si-Cham comes to Corus to help Thom. onathan is coronated King of Tortall. Lord Threbond is dying. Thayet and Buri are visiting Alanna. Thayet and Jonathan are blessed by Alanna.

Eda Bell delivers Liam's note to Alanna. All Tortallans have access to training; colleges are opened throughout the empire. His Majesty King Jonathan and Queen Theoret announce that a girl can be trained as a knight. The Swoop of Pirate is out. Daine/Daine accepts a rider's position and gets to know her Wild Magic.

Daine-Dean finds out about her capacity to change. Daine-Daine finds out that her dad is the Lord Weiryn. And Lindhall Reed is leaving Carthak for Tortall. Lord-Wyldon is told of Kel's acrophobia. We have Sir Alanna paged Neal. Yamani mission reaches Tortall with HRH Shinkokami. Third Company liberates the Bay Cove area from the piracy with the help of Baron George Cooper.

Clear of Kennan passed his knightly test. Genlith's Vinson survived his ordeal of knighthood just to admit his assaults on various siblings. Lalasa tells Kel that she has taught self-defense for usually native girl in the town. Stone Mountain's Joren is dying in the Chamber of Torture. He is a Garvey of Runnerspring knight.

Zahir ibn Alhaz will probably pass his examination as a knight. Prinz Roald von Conté passed his examination as a knight. Land case, of the Tortallan espionage net, begins to espionage in Hamrkeng, Scanra. Irenroha' Yancen passed his test of knighthood. The Faleron of King's Range survives its ordeal of knighthood. It is Balduin of Disart who passed his test of knighthood.

Queenscove's Nealan survives his ordeal of knighthood. Nicoline's son is a knight. Saver of Tasride survives his ordeal of chivalry. The Quinden of Marti's Hill passed his knight's examination. Hollyrose's Merric passed his knight's examination. The Chamber gives Keladry von Mindelan a particular role in bringing in the narromancer responsible for the equipment.

AIanna gives Kel a griffin and unveils that she was the mysterious doer. After a second visit to the test chamber, Kel finds out that the test's nominee is Blayce and works with a great Scranran fighter Stenmun. Tortallan forces mobilize. Tortall and Scanra declare their wars.

After the kidnapping of the kids and fugitives, Kel and Co. returned from the town. Irenai sees that Neal's prospective daughters are striving for chivalry and that his life is full of surprise. Alanna and Aly argue over Aly's wish to do fieldwork in the espionage group. When she does, he will take her back to Tortall and persuade her dad to let her work as a sales representative.

Frasrlund, on the Tortallan - Scanran frontier, was besieged - a deadlock occurs, with each country holding one side of the flood. Aly' s gone missing. Jon lets Alanna know. orge is going to rajmuat. Aly in Tanair Castle. George is arriving in the castle in search of Aly. Scanran's war with Tortall is over at this point.

Tortallan Spymaster is sending money to the Copper Islands to help the Rakas rebel. Both Tortall and Carthak have placed the copper islands under a trade prohibition until the king's killer is found. AIan arrives on the Copper Isles to tell the mission to go back to Tortall. Tortallan delegations are preparing for their journey home.

I' ve been documenting the mismatches in the end grades in the hope of establishing a sound time line that makes perfect sense - and in some cases I went with my own computations about Mrs. Pierce's (like George's Nativity - Terrier put his birthday thirteen years before my computation, which would make him nineteen years older than Alanna than six, as indicated in Alanna: The First Adventure.

2 ] Tortall follows a classical Northern Hemisphere seasons and a rather old fashioned Bregorian season. In the Beka Cooper/Provost's Dog show there is still no specific date for Rosto - just Beka's estimation of how old he seems to be. At this point Tortall is a place where slaveage is lawful; the illegal nature of this sale is that it is not punished by the authorities and therefore not subject to taxation.

Subsequent enslavement is forbidden in Tortall. While Alanna's doing she sees servants in Corus, but it's not days when they are Tortallan servants or foreigners, or when the trafficking is legal, but having servants isn't, etc... In Daine's days, it'?s not legal to slaver in Tortall. There' s no other reference to the Act in Tortall, although it could still be in force years later.

Beltane, the modern celebration of May Day, takes place at different hours in different Tortallan-shows. Beka Cooper's case is April 30. When I first recounted the data from Squire, I agreed with Alanna's assessment that George was about six years older than her - as noted in Alanna: The First Adventure.

In Terrier, however, George is said to be six years old in 406 H.E. - which would make him almost twenty years older than Alanna. Ralon, for example, is first quoted as "nearly fourteen" (which makes him three years older than Alanna's "almost eleven") - but Jon, described as "three years older" than Alanna, is also described as one year younger than Ralon.

I made Ralon four years older than Alanna, for good sense. 14] Jon is described as two and a half to three years older than Alanna in most of the lioness's songs. But in Alanna: The First Adventure he is younger than Gary, Alex and Raoul, who are not yet or only fourteen when Alanna is eleven years old.

So, I turned a blind eye and chose a date - defined by her age in the knight class - which is a happy one. 15 ] According to an e-mail from Tammy, Alanna and Thom did not receive a particular date of delivery. She has her first season in May, just before her anniversary, which shows that her birthdays must be in May.

19 ] If Jon is indeed three years older than eleven-year-old Alanna, he should also be made a miner. 22] All this happens between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess. This also happens between Alanna: The First Adventure and In the Hand of the Goddess.

Deities and constellations have interfered in man's life before; believers came to Beka Cooper as "Pounce", and Beka quoted several characters who had been treated by the gods: Joan the Warrior was buried vividly; Tamore the Just was deceived and decapitated; after she left the Carthakis, Badika the blazing axe was ripped apart in a Carthaki arsenal.

George later speaks of this taking place in June. 29 ] While only Geoffrey and Douglass were in the canons as chivalry, Tammy acknowledged that Sacherell of Wellam had indeed passed his test and became a chevalier of the empire. 38] Sometime after the end of Song of the Lioness, Coram Smythesson is named Baron and Fiefdom Trebond.

Tammy said the property was returned to the throne after Alanna's wedding and then handed over to Coram. But she is quoted as two years younger than Thom, who is 449 years old in autumn. At this point, Tortall's slave trade has definitely been eliminated.

49 ] Faleron is in the area where they choose to join Kel, but doesn't appear in the real adventures.

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