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List of all series of Tamora Pierce in reading order. Other series by Tamora Pierce. It' a difficult decision because Pierce' books are about the heroines and how to behave with them. Celadry was the most human of Pierce's Tortall heroines to me. Nevertheless, the Beka Cooper stories show how Pierce's style has really matured over the years.

The Tamora Pierce series helps me understanding what it is like to be the only woman in the room.

There are many pieces of counselling in the book for female workers in male-dominated workplaces: sit back, be a woman, find your own magics, etc. But to be frank, I've learnt most about working in male-dominated rooms from reading a book I've been reading since I was a kid - Tamora Pierce's fantastic novel and especially the Protector of the Small Series.

The Protector of Small begins when 10-year-old Kel begins an education as a Sir of the Empire, the first female to do so lawfully. Passing through the rigors of knights formation, she becomes a champ for those who cannot fight for themselves. Pierce, in the book before Protector of the Small, presented the reader to another young lady, Alanna, who dressed up as a young man to finish her knightly education.

When Alanna became one of the most experienced female soldiers in the empire, she demonstrated that woman was just as able - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - as man. Kel does not camouflage herself as a young person for her education, which gives the reader a very different view of what it means to struggle for equal opportunities in the job.

Throughout Kel's history, the importance of popular opinions depends on them. Knowing everyone's sex, Kel's education as a jumper is in the midst of a rush of contempt, molestation and misuse. A lot of men in the Reich don't want them to be trained as jumpers at all, and a lot of men in the education programme have the feeling that they don't really fit in there.

Naturally, Kel's expertise as a whitewoman does not run concurrently with every woman's contemporary expertise. Coloured mothers suffer even more discriminatory treatment in the work place. Forbes' 2017 issue of Women in the Workplace, research found that coloured females are under-represented in leadership roles and far less supported by their leaders.

As an example, 40 per cent of whites report that their managerial staff were defending their jobs, versus only 30 per cent of Asians, 36 per cent of Latin Americans and 28 per cent of blacks. In investigating the issues Kel faces, it is important to recall that a colored female or female from another marginally-located fellowship would have to face an extra range of barriers.

As the Protector of the Small Series begins, the reader learns that women chivalrous women have been lawful for a ten-year period. However, Lord Wyldon, the instructor, hesitates to include Kel in the programme. It allows her to join the education of knighthood - on parole - and it establishes a specific regulation for her:

It cannot be alone in the room when a young man is standing with his doors shut, for he "does not bear flirts", as if such behaviour were Kels work alone. It is a constant expectation of every woman in the physical environment to be accountable for her behaviour and that of men. Assuming that a woman should not become acquainted with a man alone can be an incredible career blow.

Their security and reputational integrity at stake mean that there are no possibilities for female workers to network and grow, which are available to their males. However, it was not only the trainer who treated Kel differently because of her sex. Kel keeps working out through this. "She remembers, I'm stone," throughout the show.

Probably a well-known fact about this mantras will be among those who have had to bear such harassments in the office. "Working mothers have become proficient in "shaking it off" and "getting back to work", even in the face of intensive nuisance. That look puts a lot of strain on her during workouts.

" That' another wire that a woman has to walk: They say they can' t keep up, but if they can, the men are immediately under threat. In 2015, a survey in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a journal publication, found that men were tacitly under threat from females through a series of assumptions.

However, Kel must always set her own boundaries for everything, because there is no such thing as a test case for a woman in this room. When she first enters education, for example, she deliberately chooses to wear excessively female clothes for supper because she was "a little bit of a little kid".

" This kind of calculation is something that every female has to do with every single passing day - especially if they are the only female in the room. This is the kind of small, strenuous aggression that sometimes men have to bear in a male-dominated world. Kel proves time and again that womenswear deserves a place at the desk and that womenswear brings their very own abilities to every workstation.

One of her most important features is her workout, she assumes responsibility, and she rescues the daily routine with heroism.

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