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Wish she had written more about her original characters Alanna and Daine. Tamora Pierce Wiki | Veralidaine Sarrasri It was Veralidaine Salmalín, née Veralidaine Sarrasri (pronounced aHL-ee-dayn sahl-mah-LEEN/ SAHR-rah-sree) in 436 HE[1], also known as Daine (dayn), who was Gallan from her childhood, although Tortallan was adopted. It is commonly known as the Fierce Magick, as there is currently no other owner of Fierce Magick with such powers. You and your man Numair Salmalín form an impressive enchanting ensemble and were pivotal in the Immortal War.

She' adopted a babydragon called Skysong (whom she called Kitten) and has mighty spells with all creatures, as well as the power to talk to them through her mind. Born in Snowsdale, a small town in the Galla hills, Daine had 436 HE[1] at the end of January. She was a Sarra Beneksri whose surname was not known to her and Daine took Sarrasri as her surname, which means "Sarra's daughter", which showed that she was an illegitimate family.

Daine Hakkon often assisted Falconer in the education of his cats. Daine's town Snowsdale was looted by bandsmen in 449 U. A large number of people died, among them Daine's family. She and her filly Cloud survive only by accident, because her dam had sent her to her buddies Lory and Rand in the next town.

Daine became fierce after the roundup and lived among the elves to take vengeance on the outlaw. She was recruited by Onua Chamtong in Cría, the Galla capitol, to become assistant to the Queen's heroes. Heading to Tortall with Onua, Daine faced storms for the first and used her fierce witchcraft without even realizing it, for example, when she unintentionally treated bird that had come to help her but had perished from the wounds caused by the storm winds.

Badger, the masculine deity of his kind, first came to Daine just after she had seen Onua. During the journey with Onua, Daine also saved the magician Numair Salmalín and made friends with him. And only Daine with her magical powers, of which she did not yet know, could help him in his mortal guise when even Alanna, the lioness, could not rescue him.

She found out that Daines' gift for animal was actually savage sorcery and became her instructor. Her teaching went on after her arrival in Corus at the Royal Palace, but Daine found that the "madness" that had seized her when she was living with the snowsdale witches was still there and was about to appear when she immersed too deeply in her own magical world.

To keep her mind and new boyfriends alive, Daine chose not to follow the classes as closely as she should have and rather lie to her teachers and boyfriends than tell her what was going on. She adapts to Tortall and works with the Queen's horsemen, and learns to use Numair to control it.

They even had a meeting with Queen Thayet, who this past summers trained the new recruitment for the Queen's Knights, and King Jonathan. Even though the enlisted men didn't initially pay attention to Daine, they soon saw that Daine knew what she was doing and started taking care of her. As Daine befriended the enlisted men with Evin and Miri.

Thereupon Daine also took the enlisted men and their instructors to their Pirate's Swoop this year. On badger advice, Daine eventually recounted to Onua and Numair the happenings in Snowsdale and the time of wack. She used Numair to help her overcome her anxiety by putting a magic barrier in her spirit that kept her from getting lost in an beast.

When they got to Pirate's Swoop, Daine made friends with Prince Roald, Princess Kalasin and Alanna's sire Thom. Pirate's Swoop, where Daine was with the Traee Riders, was under siege by suspicious Carthaki-Pirate. So Daine was finally compelled to use her ferocious witchcraft to ask the local wildlife for help, even though she first wanted to get rid of the beasts.

There was a way Daine rescued the morning; the Brethren were finally taken away by an octopus that Daine had accidentally called after her attempts to call the worms for help went wrong. Daine met a drag on woman called Flamewing during the bequest. Convincing her that Daine and her boyfriends were not the enemy, Flamewing chose to take her side and inflict substantial warfare.

Daine became the foster mum of Flamewing's newly born son Skysong, also known as Kitten, after the kite was slain in the war. When Daine was fourteen years old, Daine and Numair assisted to frustrate a 450 HE Tortall in Dunlath [1] revolt. The wolves also came to the rescue of the Long Lake wolves that Daine knew from Snowsdale.

Because of the long exposure to Daine, the miners, more clever than regular beasts, asked them to speak to the noblemen of Dunlath on their behalf and to ask them to stop working in the area. Daine, however, had no luck and was only despised and ridiculed by the nobility.

Thine and Numair found out that the cavalry group was gone and that Yolane and Belden of Dunlath wanted to bring down the crown with the help of Tristan Staghorn and some other magicians and with the support of Emperor Ozorne of Carthak. Through Maura, the Oriragon Iakoju, the Long Lake Pack and other confederates, Daine was able to breach the wall and let Numair and the King's troops into Dunlath and stop the rebellious plan.

Tristan was turned into a forest by Numair, Belden suicided, and Yolane tried to escape on horses but collapsed and was imprisoned. While in Dunlath, Daine found two new magic powers with the help of the badger - she learnt to divide the spirit of an beast and use and change its meaning.

As part of a Tortallan peacemission Daine was sent to Carthak in 451 U. We also met Lindhall Reed, an old Numair girlfriend and tutor. Yet the deities, especially the graveyard bitch, were dissatisfied with Carthak and Ozorne, and the Hag selected Daine as her tool; in return, she gave Daine some of her strength to revive the deaths.

As Ozorne Daine arrested and allegedly executes his former boyfriend Numair (he ran Numair's simulacrum), Daine used her skills and the powers of the Hag Cemetery to chase Ozorne and demolish the Imperial Palaces by reviving the skeleton of dinosaurs stored in the Bone Hall of the Palaces. It turned into a hyaena and persecuted the emperor himself with a herd of these beasts, thus fulfill the prophesy that hyaenas would ultimately cause Ozorne's doom.

Thine and the hyaen captured Ozorn and left him no option but to use one of the Rikash Moonsword pens (a present from the past) to turn into a storm and give up the carthaki-thron. 452 HE, the beginning of the Eternal War, eliminated the barrier between the Realms and the Mortal Realms, thus enabling more Godly and eternal beings to be transmitted.

Daine and Numair were taken to the Divine Kingdoms by Daine's mothers. She was presented to her dad Weiryn, a little hunter gods, and united with her mom, who had turned into a deity. Numberair and Daine were compelled to travel through the empires to come home and battle in the Immortal War.

There Daine also found and made friends with the eclipses Ozorne had sent to scout them. Thereine convinces the dragon to help her abandon the Divine Realms after being dragged through a great wilderness by storms. After their return to the Mortal Realms, Daine and Numair were critical to free Port Legann from the annex.

There was Daine herself who finally murdered Ozorne. It was a key participant in a meeting of the deities that led to the downfall of Uusoae and many of the immortal beings who returned to the Divine Realms. Daine and Numair stayed at the Corus Castle after the Immortal War. And Daine also used to teach the pages in the field of witchcraft.

Later Keladry von Mindelan assisted Peachblossom with her stubborn stalwart stallion, convinced him to act better and again Kel said he should not use the spores on him. One year later, Daine was treating the hound Kel had found, Jump. She had been asked by Kel to keep Jump, but Daine said that she would not make him and that he probably would not be staying with her, which turned out to be so.

Daine has been significantly involved in the collection of information during and before the Scanran war. It assisted in the defense of the Haven asylum centre and acted as a courier and scouts for the Tortallans. But she could not do that any more when she became 461 HE around August, because the infant made it difficult for her by continually altering its form in the mother's womb and forced Daine to do the same.

Daine had been in bed rest in the King's House since March 462 U, where Queen Thayet demanded that her own doctors and Midwives visit Daine. It is described that thick dark hair (often domesticated by a headscarf) hangs on her thin shoulder. He is experienced with crossbows and longbows and is able to fire from a distance.

This was her main weapons before she used her spells, and she used them to kill the immortal like Zhaneh's bitter claws and even to kill people. Daine, together with her archery abilities, is an experienced track reader and knows how to survive in the outdoors. Daine's unique and powerful savage witchcraft allows her to interact with all vertebrates and talk to those who have no voice of their own Mortal.

Fierce witchcraft allows Daine to cure pets, although this, like all her powers, can sometimes happen out of her grasp. Every pet that comes into long-term touch with Daine, especially her loyal stallion Cloud, wins brains beyond the standard for its own breed and begins to act more humanely. During her Dunlath quest, Daine found (through the cryptically suggested by her roach counselor) that she can take the guise of an beast, though this does not cover the guise of an immortal (if she assumes the guise of an immortal, she cannot retreat).

In Carthak for a brief while, Daine has the capacity to'raise the dead' by animating and petrifying stunned or padded corpses, but not really turning them into meat and bones. But Daine must use her energies to resurrect the deceased so that they don't remain animate forever.

Throughout her first years in Tortall (13-16 years) Daine had several fans, but she never took any of them very seriously. Though they initially had a purely Platonian teacher-student relation, she and Numair finally became enthusiasts and lived together in the palace. In April they got 462 U[5] and have two kids, Sarralyn Salmalín (who like her mom had savage magic) and Rikash Salmalín.

Thereine is the adopted dam of the Kitten Skysong. There' s Daine taking care of the kitten and teaching her. Kittens consider Daine as their mom and decide to remain with her and remain in the Dragonlands. She is Daine's oldest boyfriend and mare who was with her before the time of her husband's family.

The only members of their households in Snowsdale who survived the robbery were Cloud and Daine. Though Daine later discovered that her mom and dad are living as deities in the Divine Realms, Daine and Cloud see each other as a couple, not only because they know each other so well and for so long, but also because no other member of their couple is not.

The first time Daine comes to Tortall Cloud, her voices of common sense tell her to rely on the "stork man" - her name for Numair - and the others. During those years Cloud also assisted Daine not to loose her mortal self among the beasts, by chewing Daine when there was no other way. Their dedication to Daine is also evident in the fact that Cloud even stuck with the little woman when she lived among the cubs.

When Daine was a youngster, she found out that her unidentified dad was Weiryn, the deity of hunting. Heiryn recognized her as his progeny and volunteered to help her and Numair in the Divine Realms. Considering to take her father's name and replace "Sarrasri" with "Weirynsra", Daine chose to keep her initial name as she is proud to be her mother's daugther.

Aside from her brief meeting in the Divine Realms, Daine doesn't really know her dad. The Brokefang is the head of the group of wolves Daine entered after the demolition of her town. Later she was able to help him and his pride to resolve their disagreements with the people in Dunlath. Thine and Brokefang see each other as a herd.

Though all the birds that come into touch with Daine have been modified, this may have been speeded up by Brokefang, which cleanses a Daine sore and takes theirs. Dachs, the quarrelsome masculine Dachsgott, is a close relative of Daine's dad, Weiryn. She was sheltered and led by the evil spirit, especially in her early phases of mastery of her fierce sorcery.

He comes to Daine for the first time in a wild miracle and gives her a talon that he can carry around her throat so he can find her anywhere in the game. At Emperor Mage, the badger was compelled by the graveyard bitch to place a spell on Daine: the power to resurrect corpse beasts.

Daine was in Carthak, the area of the Hag, so he had no option. His rage at being coerced made him forget to tell Daine how to use her power, which caused her to faint several occasions and accidentally bring back livestock if she didn't mean it.

During the realm of the gods, the Dachs help Daine and Numair to escape to the Dragon Lands. On their way there they find that the hostiles were being spied on with eclipses, and Daine asks him to go to Tortall with a group of broken eclipses so that they can convince the spy's eclipses to be spied on for Tortall instead.

It was Daine's first girlfriend in Tortall. At a carnival in Cría, in Galla, she found Daine looking for someone to help her with her horse, Onua being the rider for the queen's heroes. She took the opportunity to hire Daine to work with her as the rider's assistent.

During her early years in Tortall, she traveled with Daine to Tortall and gave her work, as well as acceptation and confidence, and the two always stayed good mates. Later she became godfather of Daine's first baby, Sarralyn Salmalín. Because of her ferocious magical nature, Daine faces unparalleled moral issues in her relationships with the animal.

It considers pets as pals and is hesitant to compel them to do things against their will. She can' t turn into the creature she ate because you get sick when you eat a creature she used to share a ghost with.

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