Tamora Pierce Circle of Magic Series

amora Pierce Circle of Magic series

Circle of Magic Quartet is aimed at younger readers than Tamora Pierce's other novels. Here you can find the complete Circle of Magic book series by Tamora Pierce. Circle of Magical Archives Featuring a different world from Tortall, this four-magic ensemble focuses on four extraordinary young magicians. Daja, a merchant, is the only one who survived a wreck in which her wife and daughter died from drowning. Announced an accident and banished from the lives of other traders, she is free to study, work and work magic through it.

Tris, the merchant's daugther, is not an anphan. But her wife and children don't want her. It is only in the synagogue town of Winding Circle that he learns that his peculiar passion for growth is more than a need for gardening. Gathered in a home within the ramparts of the ancient town, guarded by the magicians Lark, Rosethorn, Frostpine and Niko, the four fight to be pals, to practice their magic and to live.

Every one of the books focuses on one of the four, but make no mistake: they are closely connected, and the things that happen to each of them also reinforce their links.

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