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The Tortall Universum This is a full list of all my books (including audio book versions) and shorts in print here - English, Germans, Danes, Swedes and Japan. The date given is for the first hard-cover releases; keep in mind that the US release also means Canada, and the British release contains Australia and New Zealand.

Books presented here are sorted by Universum and in the order in which the serial was released, not in the order in which the serial takes place. Lioness's song: In the Hand of the Goddess, 1984 : Scholastic Books U.K. The Woman Who Rules In the Hand of the Goddess, 1984 : Scholastic Books U.K. The Woman Who Rules Who a Man Ride Like A Man, 1986 :

The Scholastic Books U.K. Lioness Rampant, 1988: U.K. Publishers: Sheolastic Books U.K. The Intortals : U.K. Publishers: Wolf-Speaker Scholastic Books U.K., 1994: U.K. Publisher: Schoolastic Books UK Emperor Mage, 1995 : ├ęditeur britannique : 1996 : Scholastic Books U.K. The Realms of the Gods, 1996 : Scholastic Books U.K. The Protector of the Small :

Standalone books: Collections of Tales, 2011: It'?s stories: Collections of Tales, 2011: "The Plain Magic" - Originally written in the Planetfall Collections, Oxford University Press, UK, 1986; US reprinted in Fellows of Fancy, Perfection Learning, Logan, IA, 1999. "Test " - Originally Kurzgeschichte (contemporary, not fantasy) in the Sammlung Losst and Found:

Prizewinning writers who share true experiences through fiction, Helen and M. Jerry Weiss, writers, Tor Books, NY, August 2000. "The Elder Brother" - Scottish Kurzgeschichte in Half Human, an anthology published by Bruce Coville, Scholastic, November 2001. "Scottish Students of Ostriches" by Lioness Rampant in Young Warriors:

"Hunter " - Firebird, Sharyn November, publisher, Firebird, April 2006. "The Hidden Girl" - Dreams and Visions, Antology, Helen and M. Jerry Weiss, Publisher, Tor Books, April 2006. "Facial expressions" - originals to Tortall... collections. "Tortall The Hidden Girl" - Genuine to Tortall... Kollektion. "Verloren " - Genuine to Tortall... collections. "Tortall Nawat" - Genuine to Tortall... Collect.

Sandry's Book, 1997: Tris's Book, 1998: Magical Steps, 2000: Cold Fire, 2002: Combat Magic, 2013:

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