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Although a girl, Alanna has always wanted adventure and allowed only for boys; her twin brother, Thom, yearns to learn the art of magic. AIanna: The First Adventure is a fantasy novel by Tamora Pierce. The Graceling by Kristin Cashore Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead Alanna by Tamora Pierce Poison Study by Maria V.

Snyder. Thus the young Alanna von Trebond begins her journey to the knighthood.

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Alanna: The First Adventure is a fantastic novel by Tamora Pierce. In a place and at a point where a girl is not allowed to become a chevalier, the novel describes the beginning of Alanna von Trebond's education as a chevalier, while she conceals her true sex from her colleagues and instructors. Tortall, a land of fantasies, follows Alanna's development as a page at the King's courtyard, where she keeps her sex hidden while she learns to battle, struggle, ride a horse and stud.

She makes friends with the successor to the crown and the king of thieves, overcomes the magic powers she has and her distrust of the castle, fights with her distrust of the prince's sister, Duke Roger, and eventually journeys to the southerly wilderness, where the Bazhir tribes are guarding a black city that has penetrated her dream.

There she and her boyfriend Prince Jonathan beat the dreaded Ysandir, a breed of demon that has held the Black City prisoner for generation. Jonathan finds out that Alanna is a little gal. Yet when he becomes a cavalier, he selects her as his minion. Thom and Alanna von Trebond may be Gemini, but they are very different; Alanna is a wild man who wants to be a chivalrous and Thom wants to be a warlock.

Unfortunately, Alanna is soon sent by her lazy dad to a sanctuary in the City of Gods to study to become a young woman - for her a destiny that' s even more horrible than dying - while Thom is also meant for the King's residence, where he is trained as a warrior.

Alanna and Tom brood a bright blueprint to escape their fate; Alanna will dress up as a youngster, call herself Alan and take Tom's place as a chivalry. He will go to the City of the Gods, where hopefully he can be trained as a warlock. Alan " is training as a side in the Palast and meets many people like Raoul von Goldenlake, Gareth the Younger of Naxen, Franz von Nond, Alexander von Tirragen and Prince Jonathan von Conté.

Instead of having him beaten by her escorts, Alanna clandestinely coaches with George Cooper, king of the court of villains (i.e. king of thieves), until she can beating him. Throughout Alanna's perennial years, a temperature, the Sweating Disease, is spreading in the capitol Corus and nowhere else.

She has a strong curative gift, but she is afraid to use it so that she cannot tell anyone that she can be healed. As Prince Jonathan becomes ill, Alanna tries to recognize herself as the only untrained practitioner in the town, to mend him. But only by summoning the Great Mother Goddess and taking Jonathan from the place between life and death.

Soon after, Jonathan's mighty wizard-couse, Duke Roger of Conté, comes to the castle and teaches the poisoned pages and Squire's witchcraft. After her first month, Alanna goes to George Cooper's mom, the healing woman Cooper. Also during Alanna's last year Jonathan discovered the truths as one side when she came to Persopolis, the only town of the Bazhir, a breed of dessert peoples, at the command of Prince Jonathan.

The miners were all cautioned by Duke Roger to keep away from the Black Town, a town in sight of Persopolis. But Jonathan chooses to go riding for the town to conquer the wicked that is there, and Alanna goes with him to help him in his search. They come to the town to find them totally abandoned, that is, until they step into the large, main cemetery.

JONATAN and ALANNA start fighting, but things started to go wrong when one of the Ysandir takes off Alanna's clothing magic to unveil her real family. JONATAN lifts his shocks for later, as Alanna and Jonathan must join forces to beat the Ysandir. Using her magic dagger, previously given to her by Sir Myles, Alanna beats the last of the Ysandir, and Jonathan and Alanna go back to Persopolis.

It ends in an autobiography near Persopolis, where Alanna suggests that Roger might have wanted Jonathan to go to town. but only so Jonathan could free Tortall from a great scourge. As Alanna pointed out that Roger may not have anticipated that he would return home live, Jonathan declined to do so.

Jonathan then elects Alanna as his miner when he is made a knighthood this year. Ana of Trebond - The lead character of the show, who is hiding her true gender to practice as a warrior. Three of Trebond - Alanna's twins who hates battle and favors sorcery; he goes to the City of Lords to teach how to become a mighty magician.

The Thief King George Cooper - The king of the villain's court, who is friendly with Alanna and her family. Smythesson - Alanna's first Trebond fight and hunt instructor, he escorts her as her servant to the capitol; one of the few who knows her family.

onathan of Conté - The successor to the Tortall crown and the only child of the king and queen, Alanna's best palatial companion; a few years older than Alanna. This is Gareth the Younger of Naxen (aka "Gary") - One of Jonathan and Alanna's boyfriends and Jonathan's cocusin. Rog of Conté - Jonathan's grown-up female co-usin, a mighty mage and second in line to the throne; Alanna distrusts him, but has no proof of her suspicion, Jonathan fully relies on him.

One of the sides that harasses Alanna when she comes; she finally hits him in a battle and he exits the castle in angry shame. Moonlight - Alanna's mare, educated for battle; George purchased the mare and sells it to Alanna at a low cost.

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