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Tuticorin protests in Tamil Nadu CM; Fitness Challenge a Anger

On Thursday 24 May, the Prime Minister's Tamil Nadu offices were in chaos after DMK Fuehrer MK Stalin was arrested for protests against the Tuticorin outbreak. Opposition party Bharatiya Janata (BJP) has appointed Suresh Kumar as a nominee for President of the Karnataka Assembly on Friday 25 May.

Meanwhile, Congress and Janata Dal (secular) have elected Ramesh Kumar as a nominee for the Assembly. Mr. HD Kumaraswamy took the vow as prime ministers of Karnataka on Wednesday when the Janata Dal (secular) and Congress constituted the state' s new state. Congress' G Parameshwara has taken the vice-premier's vow.

Narendra Modi is the last to hop on the #FitnessChallenge train by taking on the challenges of India's Virat Kohli, the cricketer. He began with a twist and a tape of Union Sports Minister Rajyavarshan Singh Rathore, in which he came on all four and did some push-ups and tossed a #FitnessChallenge to India's Virat Kohli, batminton champion Saina Nehwal and actress Hrithik Roshan.

With Royal Challengers Bangalore failing to make the Premier League (IPL) play-offs for the second year in a row, Capt. Virat Kohli on Thursday 24 May pledged to return the excess more than ever in the next year. He released a movie about CSR and apologized to the crowd for the dark RCB performances in the IPL 2018.

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