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Bigg Boss' Tamil, Squadron 2: How Things Heat Up in the Home

Almost two inches after the long-awaited second series of Bigg Boss Tamil, the much-loved TV show that was on everyone's lips last year, the building was first performed, what does it look like? With Ananth, Mumtaz, Riythvika and Nithya in the first few days of the competition, the participants did not know that they would not really be removed.

During the second fortnight Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Mamathi and Ananth were called. Balaji and his woman have a rough relationship and it's unpleasant on the canvas. Whilst they both make it clear that they are here as people and not as a partner, their struggles and the mistreatment Balaji raises on Nithya have not been much of a joke.

Balaji is accused of having an fling while Balaji orders her to make dinner, Nithya claims. and Nithya declined to include it because Balaji had proposed it. By the end of the fortnight Kamal asked them why they had made a hill out of a mosquito. As the roles change and the men and males become servants, Balaji continues to use swearwords against Nithya, who must defend herself.

The roommates call him Isai, and he accepts them when they break the Vadivelu wit about the origin of the work. For this reason, one of the candidates even named her for the competition. Aishwarya, however, when she told a story about a period in her career when her dad couldn't pay the price to party for a pupa, the other participants made a mockery of how she declared it in Tamil.

On the other side, when it' s ripe, Mr. Jashika has a plan to go on strike and make the other participants believe that she is a good pair of boots. Without losing the chance to objectiveize the two, the camera also swings from top to bottom when the pair does their "slave dance".

Momtaz faced him with it and he consented to apologize to everyone. He had Mamathi's sandwiches and asked everyone to leave the subject out, just to admit later that he had ingested it. Occasionally, the young man also smoothes his coat. Yashika and Aishwarya's attentions, when Balaji found him with two queens in it.

In the first few weeks Janani was elected skipper and exercised authority carefully so as not to upset anyone. It was also on the hidden agenda of getting everyone to obey the building regulations to remain resistant to the nominations in number two. Daring to sendrayan in front of Mumtaz to upset her.

Tensions among the actors are resolved and the aspiring actors play their part in cleansing the building. Daniel, who wanted to persuade Mumtaz to do her work as a'slave' when he was a champion, has trouble with the authorities when he is made a servant. As Mahat and Yashika were eating Mamathi and Mumtaz's sandwiches, she went off the boat and became angry in her name, even though they said they agreed.

Shariq also came to beat Daniel when she posed the problem that Shariq made his'slave' Aishwarya give him food. He is also continually plunged into the marriage conflicts of Balaji and Nithya. Kabali actors are attentive and do the sports. Getting up to "elimination," she said it took her another weeks because it took her a while to connect with others.

Mumtaz, who is often very ill on the show, is perhaps the most assorted candidate. Momtaz made it clear from the very first morning that she is deaf in the morning and cannot prepare food, even though she is the skipper of the cooks. Whilst her teammates were sympathetic at first, Nithya later dealt with it.

Momtaz was also homesick for Shariq, who apparently looks like her sibling. Mumtaz spoke up for herself when Bigg Boss simply gave them the sexualist job of having a woman as a man slave, saying that there are limitations to what can be asked of her. When it comes to eating, the actors are big.

The" slaves" must describe their" masters" as" aiya" and wrinkle their arms. They found it hard to deal with slavery, especially when the girls did not have a remote place to work. The aspiring comedian Shariq is the child of comedian Uma Riaz Khan and comedian Riaz Khan.

Mamathi, who makes it clear at the beginning that she does not want to talk about humans behind her back, is usually quite and takes part in debates if necessary. And even when someone ate her part of the breakfasts, the tranquil Mamathi made it no problem. But the other participants slowly sense that Mamathi whispers in Mumtaz's ear and plays the part of a tamper.

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