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A Tallinn tourist guidebook It is the Estonian capitol and a great place to spend your holidays if you want to enjoy the comfort of the contemporary lifestyle, diverse nights, luxury adventure and a wealth of culture in the historic area. Today's Tallinn, founded in the early Middle Ages, is an exhilarating blend of old and new. Here's the good news: Because Tallinn is such a small, verdant capitol, you can do a great deal in one week-end and take little walks. The old part of Tallinn is one of the best conserved Hanseatic towns in the whole wide range. In the immediate vicinity is the commercial center of the downtown with contemporary spires and luxury hotel, fashionable neighborhoods and large malls.

Tallinn's enticing shoreline, with its seafront boulevards and sand dunes, is particularly worth a visit in summers, but throughout the year it provides a magnificent view of the island's iconoclastic townscape. If you are the kind of visitor who loves to be part of it, then you are in good fortune because the Tallinn downtown area is never more than 15 minutes away by car, whether you are arriving by air, rail, bus or boat.

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Tallinn is no longer the toy of major forces - Danes, Swedes, Poles, Germans and Soviets - but a proud capitol of Europe with its own unique appeal. Toss at delicious foods and lively contemporary cultures and it's no wonder Tallinn runs the risk of being beloved to death, especially after a few cruises.

In spite of the booming 21 st centuries, Tallinn retains the fairytale charm of its Old Town, one of the most comprehensive wall towns in Europe, classified by Unesco. Apart from a few instances of effusive post-Soviet evolution, it is clear to the town that it is better to be stylish than brass. See Paks Margareeta (Tower of the Greasy Margaret), Tallinn Hydroelectric Plant (now Culture Centre), Kadriorg Gardens, Kadriorg Palaces (Palace for Catherine the First), Presidential Palaces, Lawrence Valley (Song Festivals Area, Home of the Chanting Revolution), Maarjamaee Monuments from the time of the Soviets, Pirita Beaches, 1980, Moscow Olympia Stand and return to the seafront boardwalk and the Tallinn Thermal Plant (today Culture Centre).

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