Takaung Myanmar

Tacaiung Myanmar

Obtain the Takaung weather forecast. TaKaung Myanmar keyboard on the App Store TypaKaung Tastatur is an app that can be used to set up Myanmar typeface and as Myanmar keypad in all other applications, system. It' easy, quick, precise and enriched with useful functions like Auto-Suggest keypad for Myanmar and Easy Time. The characters that the users normally enter one after the other are recorded.

Like when the end users enter "Tha way htoo" and usually "Na", this keypad displays "Na" on the right side of the keypad in the Auto-Suggest buttom. Users can store words and phrases in the primary program so that they do not have to re-enter them while using the program. Users can simply toggle switcher from within the keypad to another key.

Thank you for support for TaKaung Myanmar Keyboard since iOS 8 - We have added new features ("Zawgyi to Unicode").


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