Tajikistan Weather

Tadjikistan Weather

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Tadjikistan Climate and Weather - Average Temperatures and Rainfall

Tajikistan's position in the centre of Central Asia means that its atmosphere is inland. The Dushanbe and Khujand plain has a more moderate climate: summer is warm and arid, and the winter in Dushanbe has a lot of rainfall, while in the northern part of the countryside, in Khujand, there is less snow in winter.

At the other end, with 93% of the country's land being over 1000 metres (3,280 ft), the mountainous regions have a winter cold spell of over 3000 metres (9,483 ft). Tajikistan's mean January temperatures range from 0° C in the plain to -20 C in the uplands.

During July the mean temperatures in the levels are 30°C ( 86°F) and in the mountain ranges from 0 to 15°C (32 to 59°F), according to height. Tajikistan's low was -63 Fahrenheit (-81.4 Fahrenheit) at Lake Bulunkul. Highest measured was +48 degree centigrade (118.4 degree Fahrenheit) in the city of Nizhny Panj.

During the winter it is snowing strongly in the west of Tajikistan, which includes the Anzob Pass between Dushanbe and Khujand. Situated on the mountainside, Dushanbe has a gentle sub-tropical mainland climat. Dushanbe has an annual mean of 0°C ('32°C) in January and +25-30°C ('77 to 86°C) in July.

Therefore, the best period to come to Dushanbe is between April and October. In spite of the fact that Khujand is situated in northern Tajikistan, the weather there is hotter and dryer as the town is in the lowlands and open to a mass of Uzbekistan. Khujand summer is long, humid and heated.

Khujand has an mean January temperatures of about 0°C ('32°C) and July temperatures of +30°C ('86°C). Kyujand has the warmest weather in Tajikistan. Pamir Mountains have the most extrem climatic conditions in Tajikistan. Pamir Mountains occupy a vast area and the altitude is between 1000 and 7495 metres (3,281 to 24,590 feet), so the weather in the area varies greatly according to altitude and position.

The Pamir's weather is on general high mountains and extreme continentally, in heavier places it' polarity. Summer is only in July and August. It averages -18°C (.4°F) in January and +20°C (.68°F) in July.

For this reason, Pamir trips are organized from April to October, but the best season is July and August.

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