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┬┐Taipei 2018┬┐ Taipei, Taiwan Tourism In Taipei you can get very good and very cheap meals. They may not look noble, but the meals are of the highest standard. There is a wide selection of dining venues - in fact, in Taiwan you will find traditional dishes from all over China as well as great dishes from India, Japan and even Italy.

Make sure you make room for some refreshments - the vendors' meals here are hooked. Would you like to cut your Taipei hotels bill by up to 30%?

Tours in Taipei

It is a tenacious little town whose magnificence comes from a mixture of China cultural and a strange mixture of Japan, South East Asia and America influence. This 300 -year-old town is in many ways like a lively modern day town. Taipei is a town that is very proud to celebrate its past - the victory and the tragedy - from the legacy of a tealeader to the memory of a graveyard for the White Terror Sacrifice.

Taipei's strangeness is one of his attractions. You' ll find a striptease stripper charming in the Marina da Vinci Hotel Striptease stripper that is indecent due to knocking; the concept of making a hot cup of hot tea served on a meat loaf is acceptable; theme dining takes you to a place where you can stew from a lavatory pan or a health centre for supper; and one of the city's most important souvenirs is a larger-than-life, tail-shaped pie of spongy pineapples.

Going out is so loved that many Taipei studios have no kitchen: food is inexpensive, easy and delicious. It may look like it was hurriedly knocked together with its darkened streets and innumerable shop windows, but look again. A lot of emphasis has been placed on making the town a truly livable place for the people: good transportation is well developed and quick and inexpensive; every few block there is a parking lot with a large variety of banks, shacks and flower beds; good (and sometimes great) coffees are everywhere; the MRT has free rain screens for rain evenings; and a free and tidy pub is never far away.

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