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Two dead, 36 wounded in Myanmar earthquakes.

2 persons were murdered and 36 others wounded after an earthquake shook Taikkyi, Myanmar's Yangon area, a healthcare officer said on Tuesday. The wounded have all been hospitalised and 31 of them have already been released, said Dr Than Myint, deputy director of the Township People's Heath Directorate, Xinhua.

Monday evening, the 5.8-strength temperate seismic event affected the Yangon area, with the Taikkyi Township closest to the epicentre. In Taikkyi, the tremor caused damage to some church structures, while some districts of the township policemen's office and civil homes also crumbled, according to the first one. It occurred at 20:49 GMT with an epicentre of 35.4 km to the north-west of Yangon and 8.04 km south-west of Taikkyi by the Yangon area.

Where the earthquake was also in some cities like Insein, Hlaingtharyar, South Dagon and Bahan of Yangon area and in Maubin Vts. of Ayeyawaddy area.

Taiikkyi Seismic aftereffects | The Myanmar Times

Yangon's Monday evening quake wounded 26 lives and destroyed a college, two viaducts, six homes and 29 worship facilities, according to the DSD. They are paying K200,000 for every badly demolished property and home, said U Win Shwe, the department's head.

At 8:49 p.m. on Monday, the 5.8-gauge seismic activity had its epicentre 22 northeast of the Kaba-Aye SEA. There was a small mistake in the Taikkyi Islands and it was an error. As the error is small, it usually causes seismic events in the order of 4 to 5, according to a DMH officer who did not want to be located.

"This 5.8 level tremor is powerful for a small mistake like this," the officer said. According to the DMH, the afterquake indicates that no major one will follow this one. "A more powerful seismic event than this will not come from this mistake in the near future," the officer said.

In a period like this, when winters pass into summers, small 4 or 5 strength quakes usually occur in the area around the municipality of Taikkyi, the officer said. Seismic activity was felt throughout Yangon and parts of the Ayeyarwady region. "We were so struck by the quake that we didn't even have enough to get up and run away.

My experiences with the tzunami were not so terrible," said U San Nyunt, a tutor at a local secondary modern in Taikkyi Town. The seismic event even destroyed brickwork houses, followed by five to eight aftershock events until 5:30 am. "When the quake dropped a barrier on them while they were asleep, I was told that two men from the camp near us were dying," the officer said.

He said that since quakes cannot be foreseen, it is important that those involved should listen to government clues to get ready for them. "You are the one who can best defend yourself while an quake is shocking," said U Saw Htwe Zaw, Myanmar Groundquake Committee Executive Director. "Everyone should be conscious of the information about the quake and make arrangements to face it," he said.

There hasn't been as much loss since Monday's quake on the outskirts of the town. "He said the US should now make more efficient seismic preparedness to mitigate the risk to life and property. However, the country's economic recovery is not yet complete. The Myanmar Erdquake Committee on its Facebook page reported that small 5 intensity quakes usually occur once or twice a year in this area.

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