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Earthquake wrecks several Taikkyi building - Myanmar

Monday evening's 5.8 magnitude Richter magnitude quake devastated three structures in Taikkyi, Yangon region. At about 8:50 pm the quake began to rock the Yangon area. According to the US Geological Survey, the modest 10 km deep quake had its epicentre in Taikkyi, 69 km north-east of the town of Yangon and the most northerly township in the Yangon region.

"In the aftermath of the quake, we found 26 persons being treated for mild injury and sickness. The majority were released from the hospital," said U Kyaw Soe Lin of the General Administration of Taikkyi Municipality. In the aftermath of the quake, 24 church structures, a convent, a school, nine departments and six other structures, two viaducts, a cement street and three homes were demolished, resulting in more than 195 million Ks of loss, officials said.

After the earthquake, the Ministry of Welfare, Emergency Relief and Resettlement provided money and help to the victims of the earthquake. Firefighters, Red Cross, Tatmadaw, law enforcement and community organizations performed the emergency evacuations on Monday, removing rubble and pieces of shipwreckage from the area.

According to Tin Soe Min, a local agent of the National League for Democracy (NLD) governing body, he has no records of seriously wounded or murdered inhabitants in Yangon.

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