This is a large natural park in the south of Taif, where trees stand amidst beautiful weathered granite rocks. The Taif (pronounced " Taayef ", also written Ta'if) is a city in the west of Saudi Arabia. The Taif Camel Festival returns at full gallop. Discover the Taif holiday season and the best times and places to visit. Big savings on hotels in Taif, Saudi Arabia, online.

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Ta'if (Arabic: a?; ??-??'if)) is a town in the province of Mecca in Kingdom of Saudia at an altitude of 1,879 meters (6,165 ft) on the hillsides of the Sarawat Mountains (Al-Sarawat Mountains).... It is the centre of an agriculturally used area known for its grape vines, pomegranates, figs, rose and honeys. Most of the people of Ta'if are Saudis.

Expatriates from Asia, Turkey and other Arabian nations, who are also present in Ta'if, are also important expatriate groups. Situated about 100 km south-east of Mecca. Surrounded by a wall, the village was a center of religion as it houses the image of the divine at All?t, then known as "the Dame of T?".

" It was the weather which characterized the town from its arid and sparse neighbors, situated nearer to the Red Sea. Around T?'if were cultivated corn, wine and fruits, and so the town got the name " The Garden of Hejaz ". The Sharif of Mecca gave up before the Ottoman Sultan Selim I on 17 July 1517. As a token of this, he gave him the keys to the Muslim towns of Mecca and Medina.

Ta'if was also placed under Ottoman rule as part of Hejaz. Ottoman for another three hundred years until it was recaptured in 1802 by a rebel army in union with the House of Saud. The troops then took over Mecca and Medina. Ottoman Emperor Mahmud II invoked his nominee vice-king in Egypt, Muhammad Ali, who attacked Hejaz and recaptured Ta'if in 1813.

Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a traveler and Middle Eastern specialist from Switzerland, paid a visit to Ta'if in 1813. Shortly after the reconquest by Mohammed Ali, with whom he had several interview during his stay, he gave an eye-witness report about the town. The Burckhardt report that the walls and moat around the town had been constructed by Othman el Medhayfe.

As far as commerce was concerned, the town was an entity for cafés. In 1843 the Ottomans reconstructed the Ta'if fort and army base, a house called www.tsa was constructed in 1869 and a little later a postal service was set up. Before the Arab revolt, Ahmed Bey had been appointed commanding officer of the Ottoman armed force in T?'if.

Also Ghalib Pasha, the Gouverneur of Hejaz, was present in the town. The Hashemites began their rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in Mecca in June 1916. This town had collapsed and in July Abdullah, the oldest of the sons of the Hashemite commander and Sharif of Mecca Husayn ibn Ali, was sent to T?'if with seventy men.

And then he slit the wire into the town, and he started the assault. Every single one of the town' s haschemic attacks was fended off by the cannons of the mountains, and both sides set up an uncomfortable besiege. Hashemitic cannons, however, were gradually pulled up on T?'if, and then the town lasted a little longer, eventually yielding on September 22.

Thus the town later became part of the self-proclaimed Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz. Ta'if, however, did not stay in the hand of the Hashemites for very long. The tension between the Heyaz reigning Husayn ibn Ali and Abdulaziz al-Saud, the Nejd emperor, soon erupted into violent outbursts. Despite a decrease in enmity in 1919, Ikhwan (militia), then supported by Saudi Arabia, under the command of the Sultans bin Bajad and Khaled bin Luwai, was prepared to assault Ta'if until September 1924.

Allegedly the town had been protected by the king's boy, Ali, but he escaped in fear with his forces. Thirty hundred of Ali's men were killed by the Ikhwan in the so-called Ta'if assassination. 8 ] In 1926 Abdulaziz al-Saud was formally acknowledged as the new sovereign of Hejaz.

Ta'if stayed part of the Kingdom of Hejaz until Abdulaziz al-Saud 1932 united his two Kingdom under the heading of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into one. Later, on 9 November 1953, the monarch himself was to be killed in the town, as was Khalid in 1982.

Ta'if was still little more than a mediaeval town when the Saudis took command of it. Later, however, they began a modernization program for the town. The first Saudi Arabian electric utility was built in the Ta'if area in the later 1940'. As far as the construction of streets in the remote town is concerned, the then King Faisal opened the 87 km long motorway between Mecca and Ta'if[11] in 1965 and the 400 miles long Ta'if-Abha-Jizan motorway was put into operation in 1974.

Until the Gulf War of 1991, Ta'if was such a contemporary transportation hub that it was selected as the location for the Rendon Group's TV and Radionetwork, which transmitted messages to Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. This is a large nature reserve in the southern part of Taif, with mature vegetation surrounded by beautiful eroded orchards.

Ta'if Rosenplantage. During April, the flower beds are full of these small, scented rosettes, which are plucked at dusk and later fermented into Ta'if precious rosemary beans. Ta'if's celebrated rosé is the 30-petal damascus, which has a rugged, aromatic and vertiginously intricate fragrance[14] used in several luxurious fragrances such as Ormonde Jayne Perfumery,[13] Chanel and Guerlain.

Situated 40 km from Taif, this was the site of the Okaz Souk,[18] the biggest and best known of the pre-Islamic sousées. If you travel from Ta'if to Jeddah, non-Muslim travelers must use the non-Muslim ring road to explore Mecca, which extends the journey by about 110 km.

Ta'if has an aerodrome, the Ta'if Regional Aerodrome, which offers both national and internationality. It is 30 km from Taif to the west and 70 km from Mecca. The Taif has a warm dessert environment (Köppen climatic rating BWh), with warm summer and moderate winter. Temperature in spring is not as high as in the lower Saudi-Arabia.

In summer it is much colder in Taif than in other parts of Saudi Arabia, especially in Riyadh. Thaqif, a well-known historical group, still live in and around the town of Taif. Utaibah: ????? Otaibah (Arabic: www. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. is. akaibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah. is. akaibah. ataibah. ataibah. ataibah) is akaibah.

The Bani Hareth is one of the Qahtani Arab strains that live near Taif in Saudi Arabia. One of the largest in the region, the Taif and Al Qunfuthah strain covers the entire area between Taif and Al Qunfuthah in Saudi Arabia. Adwan Bani is one of the Adnani Arab strains that lived initially in the north of Ta'if and the south of Jordan.

The town was inhabited by the Thaqif people in the pre-Islamic age. Then the town had the following chieftains: and at least four more. Ibn Uthman Affan, the third Rashidun-Kalif ( Rightsly Guided Caliph) from Taif. midhat Pasha (1822-1884), arquitect of the first Ottoman constitutional, who was strangled in Taif.

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