Receive the Tahoua weather forecast. Explore Tahoua, Niger with the help of your friends. The Tahoua Oblast Terrorism Case against the Armed Forces

On Wednesday 5 July, a large number of Nigerians arrived at a hostile military station in Tassara, in the Tahoua area. They started to strike at 5 a.m. but were subjected to a violent retaliatory assault by Nigeria military officers until 8 a.m., according to intelligence from safety forums.

There is no formal reporting yet, but a safety reference says 5 deaths, 11 injuries and 8 deaths. In fact, warplanes from France interfered to fend off the assault. Assailants took along the necessary army gear and wrecked the communication net.

The Tahoua Region

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an American humanitarian kidnapping in the Tahoua region.

He works for the American NGO Ywam (Youth with a mission). According to the Nigerian government, the kidnappers then headed north towards Tchin Tabaraden and the Malian border. The abduction took place in Abkalak, between the cities of Tahoua and Agadez. The guard of the humanitarian aid worker and a member of the Swiss Guard were killed during the abduction.

The kidnappers then left the city with their hostages and headed north. They are said to have taken the road to Tchin Tabaraden and further north to Mali. The American citizen, known in the region as Jeff, has worked for the American NGO Ywam (Youth with a mission) in the 1990s according to local and state resources in Avalak.

He was very well integrated into this village, where Tuareg, Arabs and Fulani lived together, and even spoke Tamanakhek. According to several witnesses, the city is in shock. The fact remains that the American citizen has taken many risks by staying in this area, which is classified as red and frequented by Islamic terrorist groups and drug traffickers.

Earlier this week, a refugee encampment in the same region of Tahoua had already been attacked. Twenty-two Niger soldiers had been killed and the attackers had already fled to Mali. The alarm was given and Nigerian troops were mobilized to try to rescue him.

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