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Mizo found Tahan. pc Climate< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> Kaleva is a city at the junction of Chindwin River and Myittha River in the Kale District, Sagaing region in northwestern Myanmar. This is the administration headquarters of the municipality of Kalewa. The Tahan has a savannah clima (Köppen class Aw). The temperature is very hot all year round, although the winters are mild (December-February).

Morning monsoons from March to May are particularly warm, with peak temperature around 35°C (95°F). It has a wintry arid period (November-April) and a rainy period in spring and autumn (May-October). Upriver from Mandalay and Monywa on the Chindwin River, Kalewa is becoming an important stopover for trading between Burma and India.

Phylogenetic research institute. Phylogenetic research institute. The Tribal Research Institute, Directorate of Arts and Culture. Phylogenetic research. Phylogenetic research institute. The Wikimedia Commons has a connection to Kalewa.

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Tahan is a small town in Burma, between Kalemyo and Chin State, in Tagaing Div. Mizo found Tahan. Later, the Falam migrated from Chin State to Tahan and tried to drive the Mizo out of Burma, as Tahan has more economical and welfare possibilities to provide than the Chin State.

Many lawsuits were filed by Fallam men against Mizo to drive him out of Burma on the grounds that Mizo were foreigners from Mizoram, India. Although Mizo were borne and generation and generation were living in Burma, they were not regarded as full citizens of Burma. Several of the Chinese have relocated to Tahan and are trying to make life difficult for the Mizo in Burma so far.

In Burma, Tahan Mizos are severely discriminated against.

Eventually, the Myanmar authorities try to bombing Tahan to exterminate all the mizos in Tahan. However, there are other races such as Tidim, Hakha, Falam and some Burmans living under Mizos. Burma isn't trying to murder another species. That' the only way they didn't bombed Tahan and killed all the Mizos.

Now Tahan is being blended with Miso, Tidim, Hakha, Falan, Zangiat and Burman. It has a collegiate, high schools, a local markets, hospitals (private and ecclesiastical) and many more. Ninety-nine percent of the population of Tahan is Christian, although Burma is a Buddhist state. Burma's regime still treats the Miso as an outcast, as India has a Miso state named Mizoram on the borders with Burma and India.

In Burma, tribesmen of Miso do not obtain full nationality like other Myanmaris. However, now the Myanmar authorities are considering giving full civic rights, as there are so many mizos in a Myanmar army and many of them have died while waging warfare for Burma. Unless it's for the Mizos in the Burma army, Burma won't become Burma, it could be Karen land!

Cause the Karen tribe has conquered most of Burma. No one wants to defend themselves against Karen, except Chin & Mizo (Lushai) (Chin Battalions 1,2,3 etc.) army. That is why Burma is still Burma today. Upriver from Mandalay and Monywa on the Chindwin River, Taha is becoming an important stopover for trading between Burma and India (Kalaymyo is about 150 km from the Burmese-Indian boundary near Tamu).

Tahan is also oppressed by the army, as was unusual for all other Myanmar municipalities and communities. Considering Mizos as foreigners, they treated them like possession. There is also evidence that human traffic is very common in this small city.

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