Tachilek Border Crossing 2016

2016 Tachilek Border Crossing

The number of tourists coming from the Tachilek border crossing is increasing. Crossing point - Mae Sai (Thailand) to Tachileik (Myanmar) Mae Sai ( "Thailand") - Tachileik ("Myanmar") is located at the northernmost tip of Thailand, near the Golden Triangle, where the boundaries of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand converge. It' probably the strangest line I've ever traversed. It' an offical border that doesn't get registered on the speed camera - because you can pass it without a stamp (before).

Default border rulers do not count here. It' like the Twilight Zone of all border crossing points. After I was exacerbated by border crossing, I did some research this year. In Mae Sai I knew how to get to the border by getting to the B15. Thought it was the most pain-free border crossing yet.

Said that I have maximized my residency and am now going to leave the border to come back and have another 14 legged kit. And I said I was staying 14 nights because I was given 14! And I said it wouldn't be a circulating visit because I wouldn't return to Thailand the same or next date - I wanted to make the most of the 14 nights I will get in Myanmar.

To him I said that I keep returning to Thailand because they have a nice land (and I tell him the truth) - what's not? It would only be repeated that I would have to make a transit and that I would have to provide evidence for the continuation of my journey! As I said, I have not yet made up my mind where to go when I get back from Thailand, let alone where I can show evidence of the continuation of my journey.

He told me that it was against the research I did (apparently the regulations have again changed). Only way he permitted me to get out was to prove that I was flying on. I' m pushed against the clock because the border would shut at 5:00. At last I was able to leave and traverse the Thai-Myanmar river crossing.

Another of the challenges was to address Myanmar's immigration. Everyone seemed to be tense at this border crossing. Burma Immigration said to me that my post-entry trip was limited to Tachileik and Kengtung - I couldn't go beyond that. Besides, my only point of departure was the same border.

I' d have to leave this map when I leave Myanmar to get my pass back. Under the ASEAN Convention, I protest that nationals of the Member States are exempted from the payment of visas charges. This was" pay" or" remain in Thailand". I learnt 2 day later that there was an extra charge of $3/day for your time in Tachileik!

Some Thais and Burmese I have spoken to say that the regulations are constantly changed, even if they are sometimes bewildered.

If you cross an inland border, always begin early. Take the Green Bus at the Arcade Terminal 3 bus station in Chiang Mai, direction Mae Sai, long distance train station, long distance train to Mae Sai, long distance train station (Mine 9:30 a. m. on your right, arrival in the town of Mae Sai at 2:10 p.m. - there are other windows).

The Tachileik Markt - a large border shopping centre for wholesalers and purchasers. {\a6}( (April 26, 2016) Interesting to see your borderline experiences.

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