Tachilek to Mandalay and general situation. Tachilek to Mandalay and general situations - Myanmar Message Board Hello all, I will be in Chiang Mai with two of my best buddies at the end of March and we were thinking about going to Myanmar from there, but I just saw in older articles that it is not possible to get from Tachilek to e.g. Mandalay by coach (overland), but that you have to be air.

Has anyone been to Myanmar lately and knows what the general picture is? There' s still many areas that are not secure, but Mandalay, Rangoon, Lake Inle etc. are ok, right? and Mandalay, Rangoon, Lake Inle, etc. are 100% secure.

Many new postings that have the same issue and the location is the same no coach for foreigner Tachilek to Mandalay, you either have to travel by plane or take a different itinerary as via Mae Sot. Situations in the major areas are good, it is only the Kyakme/Hsipaw area and up near Bangladesh with boredom there are issues.

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Border crossing from Tachilek to Thailand - Myanmar Forum

Yes, can cross the Tachileik-Maisai boundary. It is possible to take a country trip to Kengtung and beyond to Taunggyi or Nyaungshwe, you cannot be by country. They' re going to Myanmar, not Myanmar. Tachilek cannot be reached by coach from Nyaung Shve, as this street is off.

Anybody can use the Tachilek cross to Thai; it is a regular frontier. You can' t just use the road between Taunggyi and Kengtung. They won't come by coach from NyaungShwe, that's not permitted. They must either go by plane or to the Mae Sot station. Hello guys! I'll be in Burma in Nov. and I'll go to thailand around Nov.14-15!

Can I get tatsileik boarder crossing from Yoangon by coach? or the best and simplest way is the one!? please I need your help! As I said before, it is not possible to get to Tachilek by coach from Iangon.

You' ve got to go there, so the only simple option you have is the Myawaddy limit if you don't want to go there. thanks for your speedy repetition and for your help! Yes, the Tachileik - Kengtung route is open.

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