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Tachile information Tachileik, situated in the notorious Golden Triangle, is a frontier crossing to the city of Mae Sai in Thailand and is mainly used by visitors as an entry point to Kyaing Tong (a 4 hours drive by road costs about 70 USD each way, and car-guided bike tours are also allowed). Have a look at our YouTube movie from the street between Tachileik and Kyaing Tong. A lot of folks jump across the Thai to Tachileik for games of chance and fake goods, and the main denomination in Tachileik is Thai baht - although Myanmar Khat and US doll.

Overlandtour to Thailand (Mae sai) from Burma (Tachileik) - Tachileik Forum

It' s been 5 month since we got back and I thought I would put some information about our travel here. From Mandalay we took Golden Myanmar Airlines to Tachileik. When we arrived in Tachileik we had a situation. You' re blackmailed by some cab driver who takes you to the Thai-Burmese frontier.

It' been a shame our Burma voyage ended like this. It seems to be in the midst of nowhere, very remote and calm. At the end we had a very unpleasant accident when a rider declared himself willing to take me, my spouse and the two young Argentinean backpack tourists we had seen leaving the school.

I and my spouse would have (reluctantly) been paying more, but the backpack tourists declined because they had a household, and I felt uneasy to leave two young women alone. Only a few mins before the ride another cab is approaching from behind and tries to turn our cab away from the street!

There was no communication thanks to our rider. You had an enraged conversation for quite a while and it seemed that our rider was about to return to the city! I' ll say I was heated, thursty, disappointed, furious and also quite worried about the whole thing. Everything peaked in my furious rant and frankly my woman said that she had never been so afraid of anyone!

At the end it worked (although what I did now seems both ridiculous and stupid) and the rider resumed our trip to the Thai-Burmese frontier. To take this itinerary to Thailand, all you have to do is finance the transportation from Tachileik International Airports to the Thai-Bore.

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