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The Tachileik News Agency, Shan State, Myanmar. View Tachileik News Agency's Facebook statistics such as the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country. Complimentary statistics for Tachileik News Agency.

Tachilek ?????? Apk Download current release 1.0- com. tachileik. NewsAgency

The application is in the News & Magazine section of the Apple Web site and was created by http://www.tachileik.net. The Tachileik Online Group website can be visited to learn more about the company/developer that created it. The Tachileik ?????? can be download and install on 14 and higher supportingĀ .....

Use your preferred web browsers to get the application and click on Get it. They can also be downloaded from Tachileik and run it using populare emulator type &roid at ????????

www.tachileik.net Tachileik News Agency www.tachileik.net www.tachileik.net www.tachileik.net

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Myanmar women reporters in the new community

Cherry Htike is one of more than 50 ladies who met at a Yangon based Yangon hostel to mark the founding of MWJS, a community devoted to the discussion and development of the circumstances facing journalists in Myanmar today. A few month ago Kirry took her fate into her own hand and joined forces with her co-worker Win Aung Zaw and his recently founded Tachileik News Agency.

  • We now have fifteen correspondents working from all over Myanmar. Many young people in the outlying areas would like to work as a journalist but lack the necessary abilities and ressources. Your basic concept is simply to ensure that news from the ethnic areas reaches the major dailies and monthlies and that the reporter now has a wage for their work.
  • But it'?s difficult to find female journalists, she says. Perhaps the new MWJS grid can help to solve this issue. You can also find the first part of Gender in the Myanmar Media Landscape part one.

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