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View Tachileik News Agency's Facebook statistics such as the number of fans, engagement rate and fan distribution by country. language Shan road sign burnt in Tachileik In Tachileik in the northeast of Shan State, a city shield was burnt and demolished on June 21. Looks like someone dropped gas on the shield and lit it. Shan State Development Affairs Minister recently granted approval for Shan traffic signposts to be installed in the state.

The Tachileik people put up a new shield in Shan at the beginning of this monthly, but the locals have ordered it to be taken out to cover the shield with a tarp. We do not yet know who burnt the shield and why it was used. Tachileik Development Affairs Department Assistant Secretary U Kyaw Moe Tun said to Tachileik News Agency on June 18 that the entrance plate was constructed in Tachileik after the Shan State Minister of Development Affairs had drawn up all Shan State entrance plates in the Shan State in Burma and Shan language as part of the Shan State Development Affairs Department's 100-day Shan State Development Department program.

Shan leader U Lin Htut said to the Mynmar Times that he did not know the detail of the shield.

Four dead in the Tachileik tide when homes were mended.

In a torrent in Shan State, where strong current was sweeping away indigenous villages and homes in the Tachileik district of Kyaing Lat, four men were murdered. Nearly all of the 102 homes in Nam Kaing was flooded, an officer said, and the natives fled to a higher-level Buddha school.

Municipal authorities are constructing transitional passages where viaducts have been damaged. Tachileik's former heads have now sunk, as the expelled village inhabitants have still not been able to get back home since Wednesday. Tachileik officers, bordering the Thai city of Mae Sai in the infamous Golden Triangle, cried for help for about 100 homes because they had mislaid the floods with clothing, furnishings and groceries.

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