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The residents of Tachileik made a new sign in Shan earlier this month, but local authorities ordered it to be removed so that the sign was covered with a tarpaulin. Sorry if I'm posted on the wrong forum; I'm new here.

Prisoned football club in Thailand unifies a profoundly split planet

On Thursday, when the first message came out that a scuba diver working for the salvation of the captured kids in Thailand had passed away, the attached detail was a remarkable detail: After the disappearance of the 12 cubs and their football trainer two weeks ago, 140 cavers have gathered from around the globe. There are six countries that have sent experts, among them the United States -30 persons, among them 17 Air Force experts for searching and rescuing - Australia and Great Britain.

They were the English cavers John Volanthen and Rick Stanton, who themselves were almost overcome by the dangerous circumstances that the young and their coaches found first. The Volanthen and Stanton had floated as far as possible, 7 leagues through the dark, around rocks and through only 2 foot passages, laying guidelines until they ran out and were pushed to the top.

It was there that Volathe and Stanton saw them for the first time despite all the adversity, feeble but still lively. Thailand and its populace, otherwise torn between poverty and elite by socio-economic and culture mistrust, were brought together by this history. Young men now have nourishment, medicines and hopes. Not unimportant, in our unimaginable moments when kids are torn by their families - boundary crisis not only here, but throughout the EU - are courageous and respectable individuals from all over the world who risk their own life to rescue kids they don't know.

According to a Belgium caveman, even for him the condition - complete dark, current to compete with the Colorado River - is almost unbearable. Neither of the kids knows how to float. Neither of them holds their breaths, let alone swims in the dark with face mask and tank of fresh breeze.

These experienced cavers must minimize their own risks of anxiety. Those scuba-divers are not giving up. Today we know that the deceased scuba diving man, 38-year-old Samam Gunan, was a Thai marine sailor in retirement.

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