Tachileik Market

Speedilek Market

You will have a great time in Tachileik and the border area of Burma as long as your intentions are legitimate, you follow the local rules and customs and don't walk around to make a spectacle of yourself. Most of the people who come to Myanmar are Thai people looking for smuggled Chinese goods on the market. The Tachileik market is located in Tachileik.

Tachilek market'The trade between the two nations'.

Situated between the Thai and Myanmar border. It is therefore not an everyday marketplace, but also a symbol of the friendships between the two states.

The Tachileik market is also known as the Mae Sai market. For many years it has been frequented by innumerable visitors. You can find different kinds of goods that are on the market. Part of the market is situated in Mae Sai, Thailand. A further part is in Tachileik, Myanmar. So you can see Thailand and Burma and probably also people from other places running around doing their work.

When you want to go on foot from Thai yo Myanmar, this is to be found.

They can also shop in Myanmar. Some interesting goods are on sale like in Thailand. This is the summary of the Tachileik market.

You' ll have a great experience with your acquaintances, your families and probably your new found acquaintances from different world.

Nak Yonok Phan suffered fate, causing the town to collapse, flood and be swept away from world. Secondly, the science tells us that the cause of the destruction was an earthquake that turned the town into Lake Chiang-Saen.

You can see the three neighbouring lands, the Mekong and the rolling countryside with its small towns and mountain citadels. Several of the area' s attractions are a large gold Buddha picture in a small craft, an old sanctuary on a mound and the House of Opium Museum.

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