Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint

speedilek land border checkpoint

Please note that the e-visa is not valid for entry at this border crossing. For land travel to Myanmar, I recommend the Myawaddy/Mae Sot or Ranong/Kawthaung border crossings. There is a consistency problem in the enforcement of land control points.

Burma Border Checkpoints - Arrival and departure by land

Myanmar opens its doors to the rest of the globe, more formal boundaries open up for travellers who want to move to Myanmar overland. Currently, Thailand, China and India offer travellers the opportunity to visit Myanmar at certain border crossings. There will be no border crossing point from Laos or Bangladesh to Myanmar until 2016.

While until recently aviation was the only convenient way to reach Myanmar from Thailand, it is now possible for foreign visitors to fly across the country/waterway in several places. In the past, the population crossing the land was limited to a small area and could not freely move to other parts of the state.

Currently there are four border crossings between Thailand/Myanmar. International travelers now have full Myanmar remnant when they arrive in Myawaddy from Mae Sot, Thailand. Mae Sot is one of the most famous crossroads in the Thai Tak County.

On the Thai side, the town is well linked, and further transports in Myanmar are also relatively easy. Myanmar is probably the most convenient place to continue to Myanmar, as it is relatively close to Myanmar's major road system and attractions such as Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock), Hpa An and Mawlamyine.

Whereas visors from abroad can pass the border to Myanmar with ease, there are still restrictions on further transport. But if they only want to go as far as Kyaing Tong, they can take the roads. Tachileik and Kyaing Tong have domestic flights to Mandalay, Yangon and Heho (for Inle Lake, Kalaw and Taunggyi).

Tachileik's economics are founded on cross-border commerce and travel, and Thai Baht is the major commodity (not Myanmar Kyat). Ranong / Kawthaung This is the most comfortable passage for those travelling from southern Thailand to Myanmar. You can also take a flight from the Myanmar side of the border to other parts of the state.

A 20-minute cruise between the two lands from Ranong to Kawthaung and there are frequent ferry connections to coastal towns such as Myeik and Dawei. Situated in the Thai Kanchanaburi region, Ban Nam Phu is a secluded city with a border to Myanmar.

After Htee Khee, the next larger city on Myanmar's side, we head to Dawei, which is about five hours' car ride from the border. Especially during the rainy period it can be hard to organize the transport. Two other transitions between Myanmar and Thailand are not open to visitors from abroad.

However, persons holding Thai or Myanmar passes can use these routes. From Kanchanaburi there are four busses daily to the small border city Phunaron (70 Baht), which has only one guesthouse. There are six kilometers of no man's land between the Thai and Myanmar frontiers and two control points about one kilometer apart.

The China-Myanmar Checkpoint is in Ruili (known as Shweli in Myanmar and in the Chinese province Yunnan) / Muse (Myanmar, Shan State). The China-Myanmar route is currently open to citizens other than Chinese and Myanmar. The Ruili-Muse border is a limited job, i.e. you must first obtain a permit from the Ministry of Tourism of Myanmar.

The majority of Myanmar's agencies can help you get your permit to enter China. They could go to a Kunming tourist agency if they want to go to Myanmar via the checkpoint. Yangon, Mandalay and Kunming have all foreign consular offices or foreign diplomatic missions where foreigners can obtain visas (Myanmar or China).

There is a crossroads between Moreh (India, Manipur State) and Tamu (Myanmar, Sagaing Division) in isolated northwest Myanmar. While permissions are needed to cross the border, foreign nationals can now move around the Sagaing Division (Myanmar) and Manipur State (India) at will. Travellers wishing to go to or from India and on to another country can only do so if they have their own vehicles (car or motorcycle).

When they are on a trip, on local transportation or similar, they have to get on and off at the same border crossing. Foreign nationals are not allowed to pass other border crossings between India and Myanmar.

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