An independent travel guide to Tachileik, with up-to-date information on pensions and hotels, attractions and tips on travel, timetables and more. Discover Tachileik holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Tochileik, Myanmar Guide -- Near the Golden Triangle. Receive the Tachileik weather forecast. Directly opposite Mae Sai in Thailand lies Tachileik, the most important border town between northern Thailand and Myanmar.

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Situated in Shan State, eastern Myanmar, on the Thai frontier. Though only 5m across the riverbank from Mae Sai, Thailand's northernmost city, Tachileik is in a completely different time. You are accustomed to the cheerful ambience of the "Land of Smiles" in Thailand, which disappears immediately and is substituted by a slightly cramped one.

That doesn't mean that the Myanmar population is unwelcome, it loves tourism and is very interested in sitting down and talking (if they think they are not being observed), but don't wait to be comfortable here, and don't be amazed when you are being persecuted by governments all over the city.

If your purpose is justified, if you obey your own locals' laws and traditions and don't walk around making a show of yourself, you will have a great life in Tachileik and the Myanmar area. It is a characteristic frontier city with a turn. Most of the Thai who come to Myanmar are looking for smuggled China goods on the open air mart.

As an alternative, some Thais can go on the only course in the area, so they await the very windsurfing place where large groups of folks traverse the boarder and wear a row of bats. There' s also a small Tachileik gambling house that even serves'low' rolls. This is not the place for you to see "the true Myanmar".

When you are'stamp collectors' in your passports, want to see something more visible than what you find in Thailand (e.g. men carrying long ago Longyi) or are on a relaxed end for the whole family in Chiang Rai, then this is a good place to go. What's great about a visit here is the easy access to the frontier, another seal in your visa and a touch of the city.

The Tachilek has a distinct rainy period, during which it is likely to be flooded 2 to 3 time. Floods are not infrequent in the city center, but not at the checkpoint itself, although there was a violent night blizzard on September 5, 2014, which resulted in an unusually high flood and flood, and the stream crossed the frontier link.

Entering Myanmar is possible at the Mae Sai crossing point. A daily travel authorisation allows travelers to travel on Tachileik for one full working days while the Myanmar immigration services keep their passports. At the Thai side, the Thai government keeps your passports and stamps both duplicates (that will cost 200 Baht for non-Thai countries).

Then you are free to step on Tachileik. After your arrival, take the rest of the copy to the Thai customs office, which will give you your pass back, and keep the rest of the hard copy. There is no registration in the visa, so there is no records of Burma immigration. For non-Thai countries the costs for the entrance to Tachileik are 706 Baht (approx. 22 $).

Please be aware that the frontier operation ends at 17.00 (before returning to Thailand). Thai customs checks your possession for illicit objects such as threatened animal (parts) or anesthetics. Updated: Since 28 August 2013, the Tachileik / Mae Sai frontier has been marked as an official point of arrival and departure[3].

After receiving a full Myanmar Visum in advanced (from an Embassy in Bangkok, Vientiane, Hanoi,...) you are invited to cross Myanmar. However, travelling beyond Tachileik is limited, but possible, see section Getting out. Make sure you have the appropriate immigration documentation for re-entry to Thailand in Mae Sai; you can only receive a 15-day passport (no exemptions ) to Thailand instead of the standard 30-day passport that you will receive at the Aiport.

Please be aware that from November 2013 G7 holder may obtain a 30-day Thailand passport: 4 ] In additon to the G7, the following nations can already obtain a 30-day entrance pass: If you are a Thai national, you can make a provisional 30 Bt transit permit at the immigration service about 2 km before the Pahonyotin Road Mae Sai.

There are several local carriers offering services to and from Tachileik, but timetables may or may not vary daily. They all have a connection to Yangon and other parts of Myanmar. Tachileik International has a non computer-aided passenger handling system. Continuation from Kengtung to Mong La on the China frontier is possible with Myanmar migration permit, which can be organised in Kengtung with ease.

The Tachilek is small and there are many Trishaw for rent. There is a central coach terminal and international airports outside the city on the Kengtung street. Principal in the city, large and gold plated. Fair. There is a small village bustling with sellers from nearby and distant towns.

Bazaar is closing in the mornings, so leave early. Another store is aimed at daily visitors from Thailand. At Regina Casinos, a 100 buht teak trip from the frontier. When you convert 2,000 Bahts into crisps, you will receive a free Thai noon. There is a mini bus to take you back to the frontier.

When you go in a group, you can try the Tachileik Meetings Center at the British Columbia International Tachileik in the south-west of the town, you have to hire the conference room, a tune is performed around 3 pm, which is not used to stop the meet, but is used daily for the class.

Inofficial gatherings from Thailand usually take place here. The tachilek is like any other Thai side of the Thai frontier, except that it is selling a large amount of goods that would get you into difficulties with your local custom authorities.

Unless you go crazy with the crowd, you should have no problem bringing them back to Thailand, because that will depend on your country's custom policy. Thailand officials are investigating what will be returned to Thailand. If you try to return such objects to Thailand, be ready to be caught.

You should sometimes be expecting wild animals, threatened skins and heads, although these are seldom found in most of the markets. Use caution that if you plan to buy here, Thai custom inspects every purse that returns to Thailand and does not take many of the things that are on sale on the Thai exchange in a friendly manner.

Tachilek has many tourist and there are many cities and towns in the city. Cross the boarder to Mae Sai in Thailand. There are restrictions or even bans on journeys to Myanmar and connections to Myanmar's local airport. However, it is prohibited for visitors to drive from Tachileik to Taunggyi, although there is a coach there.

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