Tabby point

off-limits point

Siamese Tabby Point and Progressive Breeders Cat Club, which is affiliated to the GCCF in the UK. Have a look at the Siamese results of the Tabby Point Show. THAI CAT CLUB & TABBY POINT THAI & PROGRESSIVE BREEDERS CAT CLUB. Available in a variety of colors - solid, tabby and tortoise pattern. You will find the perfect seal tabby point stick photo.

Brief story of Tabby Points

Tabby Point's history began very early in the twentieth century, with its first reference in 1902 in "The Book of the Cat" by Frances Simpson. Ms. M. A. Bennett had a Tabby Point bitch named Misty, by half a Siamese named Tiggi. Later Patti was paired with Mrs Buttery's Samsara Saracen farm and brought six cats, two seat points and four tabby points, which were shown at the 1961 Croydon Cat Club show in Any Other Variety and which were all very quickly sell.

Miss Misty went to a Mr R A Pears and was re-named Miss TeeCat, she was later paired with Mr & Mrs Warner's Spotlight Troubador, and Warner's loved the Tabby Points and had a throw, a kitty named Praline. The first female to receive the Champion titles in 1966 was Spotlight Penny Lynx, bred from a pairing of Whiteoaks Malahide and Praline.

The GCCF established the new Grand Champion in 1971, and the first to gain the new championship was a Tabby Point, Mrs. Aslins Gr.Ch. Seremban Liger, who later became the breeding cattery of Mrs. J Brain. 1975 the GCCF founded their own show "The Supreme". The GCCF established the new Supreme Grand Champion after the first two shows.

1984 Mrs. M. Hunt's Red Tabby Point Male, Sup.Gr.Ch. Soria Sanjo Panza, a daughter of Sup.Gr.Ch. Zachary Apollo, won the name. Tabby Points then had to await their next Supreme Champion for another 11 years, until 1995, this year it was Mrs S Brooks Seal Tabby Point Sup.UK.Gr.Ch. Brookwell April Rose.

The Tabby Point Open class is often well staffed and their number often exceeds 24.

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