The Egyptian town of Taba is located near the northern tip of the Gulf of Aqaba. In Taba is the busiest border crossing point of Egypt to the neighbouring Eilat, Israel. Taba is located on the Gulf of Aqaba at the confluence of Egypt and Israel and is only a stone's throw away. Big savings on hotels in Taba, Egypt online. A paradise of luxury resorts overlooking the legendary beauty of the Red Sea.

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Under the terms of this treaty, Israeli travelers may travel to the Aqaba Coast Area of Sinai (from Taba to Sharm el Sheikh, from Nuweiba, the Catherine Monastery and Dahab) for up to 14 consecutive nights without a visitor's permit at the Eilat-Taba checkpoint, making Taba a favourite traveler.

Taba Heights is about 20 km from Taba. The Taba Agreement between Israel and the PLO was initialled in Taba on 24 September 1995. Köppen Geiger classified his environment as warm deserts (BWh),[10] as the remainder of Egypt. Taba only exists as a small Bedouin settlement, so there has never been a true transport structure.

Recently, Al Nakb Airport on the Sinai Airport, about 35 km from Taba, was modernised and re-named Taba International Airport (IATA: TCP, ICAO: HETB) and now offers half a dozen UK charters per week as well as daily charters from Belgium, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands.

A lot of visitors come via the border crossing Taba Border Crossing from Eilat, Israel, and in the new settlement Taba Heights, about 20 km southwards of Taba, a yacht harbour was constructed, which has regular crossings to Aqaba in Jordan, although these are limited to organized touring.

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