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Cavalier boy folks say to coach: Don't reproach yourself | News

Uploading the hand-written comments exemplified the poles of a race against the times that has captured Thailand and the rest of the globe since Monday, when the young were spotted on a slimy promontory two mile (. 2km) inside the caves. It was hoped that the Thai government would soon find a way to free the young before the onset of the rain, which could have sealed the group in the cavern until January, the officials said on Saturday.

Mae Sai' s unusually arid climate was a blessing for the boy rescuing operations, allowing the local government to try their best way to escape: to drain the cavern to such an extent that the young can go. However, the drainage takes longer than anticipated - the level of tide drops by about 1 cm per hr - and the officials estimate that they had a maximum of four working nights before deluge-like rains again hit the caves.

They still have to study breathing in diving goggles and the cavern is not yet sufficiently arid to exit without sinking. However, an attempt to flee could be enforced by a deterioration in the indoor climate, with the level of ozone decreasing from 21% to 15%, due to the arrival of several hundred rescue workers in the caves.

Another restriction is the height of the caves, with the first confirmation by the local authority on Saturday that the rocky outcrop on which the young sit may not be protected from inundation. The rescue teams will also try to set up communication and aerial cables in the cavern in case the young have to go inside to train during the indoor monsun.

They will also continue to drain off and explore the jungles at the top for possible manholes in the 600-metre lower caves. It' been a tiring weekend for Thai naval officials, rescuers and volonteers on the overcrowded caves, about 15 minute ride from the Myanmar/Boorder. Scuba diver have said that they sometimes spend nine hrs in the caves to lay cable or remove obstruction.

An ex-Thai Naval Seal, Saman Kunan, 38, was killed Thursday mornings, deeply in the tunnels, after he ran out of breath. On Monday evening, the young's discoveries on a slimy cliff aroused enthusiasm throughout Thailand. However, the atmosphere has gradually turned to fear in the last few nights, recognizing that this is one of the most difficult surgeries Thai Naval has ever made.

At a small commando center on the hillside from the caves, officers under Osatanakorn's leadership spend the entire month fine-tuning flight schedules on the basis of meteorological predictions and information from scuba diving inside the caves. Also, the boys' homes stayed on the grounds every single working days, sat in the park's head office, watched the development on TV, and sometimes wandered into a marquee to talk to nuns and Cleric.

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