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visiting Thailand among the top 20 "most hazardous countries". According to a recent poll, THAILAND was classified as one of the 20 most hazardous tourist destinations in the globe, with high levels of criminality and violent behaviour and low levels of policing confidence. Out of 136 nations around the globe included in the report on the competitiveness of travel and tourism published by the WEF in April, Thailand ranks number 118 with a value of 4.0 for tourist protection.

This index shows the exposition of a given nation to tourist and corporate vulnerabilities, taking into account serious losses such as violent acts and terrorist attacks. Whereas a value of seven is the best value for travelers, Finland is in first place with a value of 6.7, while Colombia, which is the most hazardous travel ing destination, is the least expensive with a value of 2.6.

Of the ASEAN nations, the Philippines are the most perilous, with 3.6 placed at 126, and Singapore are at the top (6th and sixth and 6.5th). Those in charge command troops in the capitol say that the jungle has many actions to ensure the security of tourist. "We have enough monitoring camera in places of general interest and guards work in many places to keep a close eye on groups of individuals who have the ability to cause trouble," said Chalermphon Srisawat, commandant of the Second Cavalry Division.

He said that the army has also been involved with hotel accommodation, where mostly overnight stays are available for overseas visitors to take good good care off them. The WEF survey, however, says that Thailand's overall tourist output has hardly increased since it ranked number 34 at 4.4 in 2017 compared to number 35 at 4.3 in 2015.

Further indicator areas are environmental, public and private sector performance, information and communications technologies open to competition, pricing competition, environmental performance and infrastructures for touristic services.

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