Have a day exploring the quiet, charming city of Syriam. Explore Thanlyin (formerly known as Syriam) on a private day trip from Yangon. Many of Thanlyin Syriam Kyauktan's popular attractions offer interesting sights and activities to travellers from all over the world. Syriam, Yangon, Burma. If you find any address on the map of Syriam or calculate your itinerary to and from Syriam, you will find all the sights and Michelin Guide restaurants in Syriam.

Orwell to Ledi Sayadaw, where the Great Game hit the great Dhamma practices.....

As Lyin - across the Yangon and known as Syriam in history - is a place that unites such vibrant characters as Philip de Brito, Mahasi Sayadaw, George Orwell, Ledi Sayadaw, the Burmah Oil Company, Mohnyin Sayadaw, etc.. As early as 1897 George Bird (hiking in Burma) recorded that "beyond the ruins....there is nothing left of the once thriving Egyptian settlements[of Syriam]".

And, in the neighboring town of Henzada, a small spaghetti carries the inscriptions of the seeming offspring of the Portuguese (and anti-Buddhist) Warlords Philip de Brito, (a somewhat ironical turn of Dhamma that would be one of the few preserved testimonies to the presence of this alien spaghetti-breaker in Burma....a spaghetti made by his own offspring).

The Syriam was certainly not known for its colonial beauties when the Burmah Oil Company built a refined oil plant here, although it was later demolished in World War II. orge Orwell was appointed here in 1924, where he worked as Assistant District Superindent. Orwell seems to have devoted most of his life to studying the UK books he could buy at bookshops in Rangoon.

Keith Ferrell in George Orwell said: Orwell' s Political Pen "lived in a home that did not have all the comforts Europeans were used to: there was no runnin' hot tub, no restrooms and no electricity". In 1873 the highly worshipped Mohnyin Sayadaw was borne in the small village of Gonnyinsu, who later became one of Ledi Sayadaw's most important schoolchildren.

Sayadadaw came to Orwell only one year after he left his home town of Seikkhun in 1925 and before his intense studies in Mandalay and Moulmein. Eventually, Ledi Sayadaw practised the Jhana after his trip to India in 1895.

The Syriam Tour

Enjoy a full exploration of Syriam, a peaceful and enchanting city. Your trip starts today at 08:00 o'clock. Together with the personal souvenir book and your own vehicle you will leave the airport in the mornings. Syriam has a intriguing past, also known as Thanlyin, which is thoroughly researched on this all-day Syriam-trip.

Syriam became an important seaport in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, when it briefly came under Portugal's domination. Today Syriam is home to three colleges and, despite its closeness to Yangon, is still a tranquil, dozy and full of diverse colorful rural archi-tecture. When you arrive, you' ll discover this delightful little village as you drive through the tree-lined roads to see the most important sights and get an insight into what is going on in the area.

From Kyaik Khauk's mountain pass, which is four kilometers from the city center and far away you have a magnificent view of the Shwedagon pit. In Syriam (customer account) a midday break is made. An informative Syriam trip leads us back to Yangon, where we arrive in the afternoons. Have a look at the trips below and see what other folks who liked this trip have seen!

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