Half -day Syriam tour from Yangon Situated at the junction of the Yangon and Dala cities along the Bago Rivers, Thanlyin (formerly known as Syriam, but still the favoured name) is a slow-life hamlet about 15 kilometres from Yangon. This city with its strategically situated Yangon riverbank was once known as an important harbour. You will be enveloped in a tranquil and tranquil environment as soon as we cross the city limits and you feel that there is still tranquility and serenity. We' re leaving your Yangon resort early in the day. Even though the former capitol and Syriam are only a few minutes away, the journey usually takes a little longer than usual: the arrival in the city at 9:30 a.

m., whose trading past, mainly around the fifteenth cent.

In Thanlyin / Syriam there are also portugese and france east indigenous influence outside the british empire, while one discovers the city with its colleges gradually and appreciates the overslept citymosphere. However, this comfortable ambience with tree-lined streets and an insight into locals' lives. The primary destination is a tour of the Ye Le Paya Temple, which is situated in the middle of the riverbank and can only be reached by charter.

The difference to the other rafters is the position - in the centre of the stream near the city of Kyauktan, where we will attend the early pagoda and two other rafters in the early evening before returning to Yangon. The lunch is not part of this programme (at your own expense) and will be delivered to Yangon around noon.

thanlyine ((Syria) & kyauktan

Thanlyine ( "Syriam") lies at the junction of the Yangon and Bago rivers. Thanlyin was the basis of the portugese adventure ist Philip De Brito in the 1500' to early 1600'. The Thanlyin remained an important harbour until it was demolished in 1756 by King Alaungpaya during the uprising of Mon.

Kyaikkauk Pagoda on the hill on the outskirts of Kyauktan is a symbol. Kyauktan Old City is located about 20 kilometres south of Thanlyin. Kyauktan, as the name suggests, lies on a cliff that starts from Thanlyin and is best known for its Yehlelphaya, a gathering of shrines and palagodas on a small islet in the centre of the city.

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