Burma Syriam, city and harbour in southwest Myanmar (Burma). Yangon River, a creek of the Irwaddy River, opposite Yangon (Rangoon). Syriam, formerly part of the Mon Empire, later became a harbour for the Portugueses and the Franco. Alaungpaya ( "1714-60"), Myanmar's Emperor, Alaungpaya, captured the Mon and their fellow France slaves in 1756; the city was devastated in these operations and had little importance until the twentieth century when the British began to drill for crude in Chauk's Irish Sea and sent the crude to Syriam for extraction.

Syriam was renovated in 1957 and expanded with the support of Japan in 1979. The Syriam-Mann Oilfield pipelines were finished in 1979. The Syriam plant has a fuel cell facility and continues to produce crude in the Gulf of Martaban. Paving streets lead from Syriam to Yangon and Pegu.

Excursions to Syriam - Half day

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Where' s Syriam, Myanmar? Syriam, Yangon Map

The Syriam is a Yangon, Myanmar town. Its altitude is 16.77 degrees of latitude and 96.25 degrees of latitude and 24 metres above sealevel. With 69,448 inhabitants, Syriam is the second largest town in Yangon. He works in the BURT timezone, i.e. he follows the same timezone as Yangon.

Discover the dozy town of SYRIAM, once an important dock.

Discover the dozy town of SYRIAM, once an important dock. You can take a ferry to see the YE LE PAYA TEMPLE (middle stream), located on a small islet in the water. Walk through the riverbank markets and see two more couples before heading back to Yangon. Guided visits are only available in English, other language versions on demand and at extra charge.

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