Sweet Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Cute Hotel Yangon Myanmar

Situated in the bustling Myaynigonng, Sanchaung Township of Yangon with street markets and shopping malls, supermarkets and grocers, western and traditional Asian restaurants. Hotel address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Discounts at Hotel Yangon in Yangon, Myanmar. The Savoy Hotel Yangon offers a quality brochure that you can download and save on your PC at any time. This palatial beach suite is an oasis of tranquility from the hectic pace of Yangon.

The Sweet Hotel (Sanchaung, Myanmar)

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The Sweet Hôtel or Pension

No. 73, Dhamazedi Road, Sanchaung Township. Sorry for the absence of detail about this deal. You can rest assured that we will be updating this information as soon as the company releases a working website, email and telephone number. The Myanmar authorities particularly recommend this resort. Please see "Visit Myanmar Guidebook" 2011.

Beach Suite | 5 star hotel in Myanmar

Unique and 200 m2 large is the beach suite with the hand-carved canopy-beds, decorated with the fine Scotch canvas, as well as a separate living room and an informal office, which lies between the deep polish Teakwood flooring and high Victory ceiling. Wind yourself in the most delicate Egytian gowns and bathrobes and enjoy the huge two-bath.

A spacious lounge area is the ideal place to have an early supper with your patrons in your own lounge, able to welcome 10 patrons with a separate kitchen and an accompanying crockery to complete the cuisine. This palace-like beach suite is an haven of tranquility from the hustle and bustle of Yangon, decorated with Myanmar antiques and handmade wickerwork, a small diversion from the floor-to-ceiling window and tea-wood floors.

The Wyne Hotel, Yangon: Infos, photos, critiques

It is my second time in Wyne, both of them the services were perfect. The Wi-fi is a bit sluggish, but considering that in Yangon Wi-Fi nowhere is ultra fast, Wyne's connectivity was reasonable. It is new and near the international airports. I had an early departure, so it was a brief stop. Tonight was reserved as an expansion to my room from an earlier book.

This room ended up as a bedroom, which was very beautiful. I was pleasant and lived up to my expectation. This area is near the work and the airfield, so it is comfort. This is a very pleasant place with friendly people.

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