Sweet Dream Myanmar Movie

The Sweet Dream Myanmar movie

Yangon's newest destination for those with a sweet tooth is Candy Land. If you look at this food, you will not only be colourful, but also sweet and tasty. "This is my "Make in India" dream. Zaw's wife looks like she just woke up from a dream. The first week later it became clear that the three-month plan was just a dream.

They' re made for sweet hopes.

However, if you prefer to be whirled, kneeled or strewn with rainbow-coloured hundred's and thousand's, then the place for you is Candy Country. These high-value delicacies not only make your days sweeter, but also show you the craftsmanship with which they are built. Artists at work in Candy Country are stimulating both the eyes and the taste buds.

For the more adventure-seeking, you can even prepare your own sweet delicacies, perhaps under the watchful eye of a pastry chef who takes a breather from the serious Lollis-shop. Yangon's own Willy Wonka, head of manufacturing and confectionery manufacturer Ko Khaing Soe Thet, is jiggyed with the coagulated sugars on the hot pressed-on-shelf.

Next to him, three subordinated but skilful sweepistas deal with design and packing. Last July, Ko Khaing Soe Thet and two of his closest associates opened their first confectionery store on People's Square and in the park. Among the city's sweets, the news was spreading, and crowds began to realize they were coming - and coming back - in enough numbers to open a second store in January, this one at the Taw Win Centre.

However, this is not the occasion when Ko Khaing Soe Thet tried to hide the kind of work he has in mind. Custom Candy Country will fulfill your sweet desires in different tastes, colors and sizing.

For Dreaming (The Film) by Nicole Albarelli

One of our greatest risks is that we won't get our goal budgets and won't be able to complete the movie. With the TO DREAM trailers we have the almost ideal line-up and crews to realize this with great succes. Wo Would-be on a self-financed 2000 pounds account in 1 3 week period of time.

To see this movie in its entirety and to ensure the filming' s, industry's and audience's succes, we need at least 4 more working nights for the shooting, the best crews and the best gear and at least 1 months in the postproduction; editing, note, audio, scores, soundtrack and on-line editing.

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