Sushi Restaurants

sushi restaurants

Freshest restaurant on the main street. Here is a list of well-known sushi restaurants. You can book online and read reviews of the best sushi restaurants in London. Traditional, authentic Japanese restaurant in Baker Street/Marylebone. Cube brings modern Japanese tapas and sushi dishes to the heart of Mayfair.

Twenty-five places to make your days

Cheesebars ready: We have surrounded the best sushi in the capitol and completed the best. After a Michelin stars treat, a wholesome meal or even a vegetarian variant - anyone who dreams of sushi is in the right place. Accompanying this Mayfair' s rustic Japanan style food shop, the sushi bar is a serious art: await plates of sliced breads, closely covered with freshly baked nori or glittering sliced seafood, nicely presented with vegetable splinters and wasa points.

Those who know Sushi are very welcome here. Signs such as "modern" sushi have made the journey to the south-west, and their intricate, precisely balanced aromas are a delight. This may be famous for its exquisite kobi meat, but this painstakingly crafted Japonese bolt hole also gives good sushi from its jewel grounds on the Ham Yard in Soho.

Await nice plates of crisply caught seafood as part of the Omaka cheese meal. The overwhelming dedication to qualitiy and texture has made it a rock-solid target, while the sushi choice is ahead of your typical conveyer band line by years. Situated in the centre of Mayfair, Ikeda is a typical Chinese dish that serves its dishes in an exquisite and refined atmosphere.

Japaneese, veteran and biological? This virtuoso and wholesome meal has its own sushi spins, prepared with various vegetable and kelp/seedw. The luncheon highlights are also a standoff, with the Kakige Sauvage being a highpoint. Jugemu in Soho in particular, where they are made to order for customers who sit at the bar.

You can also pack a full sushi and ashimi counter. These classic products are outstanding, the'new-style' features are fascinating. Roka receives the golden quality label from sushi lovers. Stylishly presented plates on this Fitzrovia station are one of the big hit items on this izakaya-the-married-well - otherwise spray on chic trousers with cavia sushi or perfect yellow-tailed shashimi with yezu trunk dress.

Slim, contemporary interior, exclusive dishes and double-sided sticks meet a chic, genuine touch in this Mayfair Japonese - a sound accompanied by Sakagura's nicely presented sushi plates, adorned with eatable cathedrals and cuttlefish. Have a look at the'Ocean Party' Shared Session. Enjoy a boundless breakfast with a pinch of champagne, home grown wines and bloodied mary.

The Sushi Bars in Soho get our voice over their elegant eating room, especially because we are thrilled by their delicious sea food. With a choice of naigiri, kaki, chirashi und ashimi (including some meat-based distractions ), the menue goes far beyond the common notions. The restaurant in Soho is a modern japanes restaurant with original oriental aroma.

Atherton's pimped-up city, Jason Atherton's isakaya, was one of the great restaurants in Japan's capitol from the very beginning. Each dish impresses with a ten perfectly matched for elegance and taste, the dinning room is particularly elegant and the sushi is foreseeably first-rate. Seafans are drooling over the fashionable carpaccio, the wonderfully silken Otoro tuning and the market-fresh sushi kits.

Celebrating for the still gossiping fresh produce of its seafood and the customer-friendly awards, this fishmonger/sushi place in Ealing doesn't win any awards for decorations, but its sushi is really something - and the selection is amazing. To make a similar sushi fix, try Atariya's takeaways and bars in Marylebone or its South Hampstead sprig.

Seating in this seven-seat sushi restaurant is a must have, but Sushi Tetsu in Clerkenwell complements the best in Tokyo, let alone London. The Sushi Heaven - at a special rate. Suzhi in the City (with sky-high views) is serious cash, but the rough seafood at this Japanese/Brazilian/Peruvian show stopper won't disappoint you.

Situated in Uchi in Lower Clapton, the area is as striking as the sushi, where the golden worktops, smooth illumination and graceful Pinterest plate are deserving of a Pinterest hand. Yoshinori Ishii's two Michelin star enslave in Mayfair is all about love of detail, from the chef's handmade dishes to the surgical precision and exceptional delicacy of sushi from the cuisine.

The sushi-nierds gather at the university desk in Belgravia, but similarly sophisticated shellfish - among them the titular'ooni' (sea urchin) - are also eaten in the cellar of the bathroom in the courtyard. They can run your sushi traditionally or newly, with currents from Nikkei (Japanese/Peruvian Fusion) through the blend. Without soya - but if you like" is the chantra above this gem of a sushi pub in Holland Park, where the Nobu-educated cooks combine every bit of meat with an excellent combination of flavours.

Please have a seat at the bar on the groundfloor to get the best possible services. Refined processed sushi roles (with or without soy) are one of the highlight - from eels and avocados to foam grass and onions. It" restaurants seldom stay long main protagonists, but Zuma in Knightsbridge defies the trends with its funk zen-industrial look, starlit dining and wow-factor dining.

It is on the sushi coaches' lists, and there are typical records like the incomparably cool cherashi macchi that cause a tempest . Willesden' s favorite for more than two centuries, this classy, reserved Japanese is a real Japanese familiy affair: his boss/owner is responsible for the sushi bar, his woman for the monochromatic dinning room.

Flawlessly refreshing spécials put sushi on the same level as the best in the city. Three Michelin sushi with star was unknown in London before foreman Mitsuhiro Araki came on stage. In Mayfair, it is a winking prerogative to eat at his ten-bed Cypress-wood bar, but it's definitely rewarding to get a foretaste of his absolutely exalted rough seafood masters.

Otherwise you can settle down at the bar and enjoy some 20 pounds of perfect uncooked seafood - a gain in sushi territories. A veteran at conveyer-sushi, this Soho hinge is more about quickness than about flawless decoration or servicing. Choose what you like from the endless ribbon of color-coded dishes or go bankrupt with an intricate sushi plate from the menu.

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