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Political map of Suriname and a satellite image of Landsat. You can download maps of Suriname for use with your Garmin GPS. The Suriname Google Map Map is your FREE source for directions (route planner), printable maps, country information and cheap hotel bookings. Map of Suriname Are you looking for the map of Suriname? Which are the geographical coordinates of Suriname?

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So what is the capitol of Suriname? Suriname is situated on the South American mainland and with 156,000 sq. km. of country and 7,820 sq. km. of sea is the 92th biggest country in the whole wide area of 163,820 sq. km. Surinam became an autonomous state in 1975 after having gained its independence from the Netherlands.

Suriname has 560,157 inhabitants (2012) and a total of 4 persons per sqkm. Suriname's money is the Surinam Dollar (SRD). In Surinam, the inhabitants are also called the surinameans. Dialcode for the state is 597 and the top-level web site for Surinamean pages

Surinam divides itself between 3 countries: For more information, please see our Suriname section. So what is the capitol of Suriname? Suburamaribo is the capitol of Suriname. Inhabitants: 223,757, it has a latitude of 5.87 and a latitude of -55.17. It is also the republic an important centre of Suriname and the home of its chief of state.

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1498 the Spaniard discoverer Alonso de Ojeda (who accompanied Columbus on his second journey to the New World) is regarded as the first of the Europeans to have discovered Suriname. In 1667 Suriname became a Netherlands empire at the mouth of several streams between today's Georgetown, Guyana - and Cayenne, French Guiana.

Although the British owned the country for a short period, it was the Dutches who dominated and affected Suriname for almost 300 years. In the course of the years, the Netherlands' settlements began to fall, as the remote Netherlands authorities provided less funding to their colonies. At the beginning of the twentieth century - a turning point - when the US company Alca invests in the local presence of Bauxit and Surinam's industry skyrocketed and became the world's leader.

Later, on the long path to autonomy, Suriname became an independent part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and eventually became independent on 25 November 1975. After five years, the civil administration was superseded by a army regiment that soon made Suriname a SSR. Until 1987, when global pressures imposed a final democracy, it ruled over a number of nominal civil services.

The army took over from civil rule in 1989, but a democratic regime came back to office in 1991 and has remained so to this date. In Suriname, which language is used? Which kind of governance does Suriname have?

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