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24-to-02-hour advance checking on board is possible; air travelers must have a paper on-line Boarding Card at check-in and check-in desks; air travelers with luggage must be present at check-in desks at least two (2) hour before take-off; non luggage travelers should be at the checking-in desks at least ninety (90) minute before take-off.

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Suriname Airways is the airline of Suriname and is fully in the possession of the government of Suriname. Suriname Airways serves many cities such as Aruba, Belem, Willemstad, Cayenne, Georgetown, Amsterdam, Paramaribo, Port of Spain and Miami. Suriname Airways has its own air base at Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport in Suriname.

Suriname Airways offers economy and business class services with special check-in desks at the airports, Surinam Airways Business Class lounges and preferred reservation and luggage collection on arriving at your final destinations. A number of the airline's favourite locations are Amsterdam, Oranjestad, Port of Spain, Miami, Belem, Georgetown and Paramaribo.

Suriname Airways is currently seeking a co-operation with Turkish Airlines. In 2009 Surinam Airways ordered two Boeing 737-300s from AWAS to substitute the McDonnell Douglas MD-82. Surinam Airways decommissioned the Boeing 747-300 in November of the same year. KLM purchased the plane in 2004. Suriname Airways has an onboard mag called Sabaku.

On the Mid-Atlantic flight (between Paramaribo and Amsterdam) with Surinam Airways the following applies. Surinam Airways, which last December put a 737-800 aircrafts into operation to serve its Guyana routes from Miami to meet the tourist demands, will keep these aircrafts on the air until the end of the Easter vacation.

Surinam Airways General Manager, North America, Henk Fitz-Jim on Thursday said that the company will wait for the 737-800 planes on the Guyana airfield to meet the need for air transport for a number of upcoming air shows and services in the first three months of 2018. This 737-800 offers 60 extra seating places per trip over the 737-300.

His identification of an inter-national meeting on the subject of hydrocarbons, the country's Mashramani festivities and the Easter holidays as incidents where the need for trips to Guyana is growing. "During this time we have seen an increased need for trips to Guyana and will keep the 736-800 in service to meet this need effectively.

"With the carnival in Trinidad and Tobago in February, we also know that the arrival of airline seat reservations on other airlines flying into Guyana via Trinidad is becoming a certain sophistication. With 60 extra seating three flights a day, Suriname Airways is well placed to make sure the Guyana airport operates appropriately during this important time in the country," said Fitz-Jim.

Surinam Airways currently operates non-stop Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Miami to Guyana. The flight currently leaves at 11.00 and reaches Miami at 15.30 (Miami time) and leaves at 17.00 and reaches Guyana at 10.00. Thirty ("Guyana time").

Mr Fitz-Jim announced that as part of its 2018 route plan, the company is reviewing the offer of New York-Guyana services and an extra Miami service for a combined of four non-stop services per week. Mr Fitz-Jim pointed out that the comfortable take-off from Miami allows travellers from other parts of the United States to fly to Suriname Airways without having to spend the night in Miami.

Suriname Airways announces the launch of a third flights a week to Georgetown, Guyana, on 12 May. This third scheduled airfare takes place on Thursday of each month and complements the airline's services on Tuesday and Saturday, leaving Guyana at 11am. 30- Arrival in Miami at 4 pm and departure for Guyana at 5.30 pm. Arrival at 10 am.

12:00 Surinam Airways will use its Boeing 737 300 range of aircrafts for this 118-Economic and eight (8) Businessclass seating facility. Suriname Airways rents its three B737 from AWAS and uses them on frequent services to Aruba, Belém, Cayenne, Curacao, Georgetown Cheddi Jagan, Miami Int'l and Port of Spain.

Surinam Airways was purchased by KLM in 2004 and provided a 317-seat Airbus A 340, previously part of Air France. In addition to trans-Atlantic connections, Surinam Airways also operates a B737-300 service to Aruba, Belém, Cayenne, Curacao, Georgetown Cheddi Jagan, Miami Int'l, Orlando Sanford and Port of Spain. Suriname Airways announces that it is extending its Florida operations with two week-long flight connections to Orlando's second international airport, the SFB.

Surinam Airways will be continuing its favourite Miami flight in turn to make Florida more accessible, in complement to Orlando. Surinam Airways will operate 4 non-stop services to Florida per weeks and 4 non-stop services to Paramaribo, thus enhancing the air bridge to and from Aruba, which will benefit both the tourist industry and the domestic air transport markets.

From 3 April 2017, the new service will fly back from AUA to SFB on Mondays in the early afternoons from 13:00 and Tuesdays in the afternoons with a take-off at 16:30. From 3 July 2017, a second Friday morning service will start at 11:00 am and will return the same afternoons with the planned SFB departures at 4:30 pm.

There are 119-seater Boeing 737-300s operating the flight. The flight is only 3. After 5 hrs, and as usual with their Miami flight, the US customs and immigration authorities are processed in Aruba. Suriname Airways announces that the refit of the Boeing 737-300 with the Embraer E-Series has almost been completed.

The Dreamliner 787 or Boeing 777 will take the place of the Airbus 340 on the Mid-Atlantic run. Alternatively, you can opt for an update to the Boeing 737-700. Upgrading to more advanced aircrafts would enhance its products and enable it to grow in the area. Newer Boeing 737-800 or Airbus 321 with a reach to NYC and Toronto, which would allow SLM to extend its networks to these towns at any given tim.

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