Sunshine Express

The Sunshine Express

The bright yellow arrangement is like a ray of sunshine. Signs for Sunshine Express Party Rental, Miami. The Sunshine Express can refer to it: The bright yellow arrangement is like a ray of sunshine. photos: Sunshine Express; Reg: VH-SEY;


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We' re a small business with a big core, which has been established according to the slogan "To please you is our pleasure". For 2012 and 2013 we were named Florida Tour Operator of the Year. "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" to all our family! We' re withdrawing from the bus journeys from 2018, but would like to welcome you to take excursions from Pensacola with us and our Premier World Discovery team.

Click on our fly-out journeys (above) to see what we offer. If you are travelling as an individual, you can join Kay and me as a group. There' s a minimal number to get them out of Pensacola. Call our mobile telephones as above to get a full day's route.


The Sunshine Express will welcome the public in a "Charlie Cheetles Charters" tourist coach from Ontario to Florida and back. This journey is seen through the eye of Alan and Brenda, a pair who deal with the day-to-day stress of children, cash and the recent cancer outbreak. As Alan turns 40, a well-meaning older lady takes the pair on a senior coach to Sunshine State.

While they travel further south in America, Alan and Brenda find that they are not so different from their older travel mates, despite their different ages, and they find that you are never too old to make new acquaintances and have a good one. Her voyage is full of laughs, loves and a great deal of passion as Alan and Brenda explore the real magical world of Charlie Cheetles Charters.

Anne is delighted to work in Collingwood in the lovely Gayety Theater. In the last ten years Anna has often played with the Globus-Theater. Recently Mark has appeared in Republic of Doyle, Murdoch's Mysteries, The Divide, The Listener, Being Erica and Breakout King as a frequent actor in film, television and theater.

Tiffany's, Pompeii, Pixels on Sunday. He' s pleased to perform in Collingwood while on holiday from his regular career as "the Sleeman type" in brewery advertising. Educated at the University of Windsor, James has been a pro in theater, movie and TV for over 20 years.

Cofounder and art director of the Globus Theater James has collaborated with the Compagnie in more than 50 performances - among others with favorite credits: The Love List','The Secret Life of Henry & Alice','Look','The Dog of the Baskervilles','Sexy Lingerie','Making a Move','NoTell Motel','Buy the Moose' and'Funny Farmers'.

James' Fernsehbeiträge umfassen `MissingTreasures', `Top Cops', `Codename Eternity', `Amazon', `D.C.', `Twice in a Lifetime' et `The Eleventh Hour'. The films include'Welcome to Mooseport' and'Knockaround Guys'. She is cofounder and art directors of the Globus Theatre, the Lakeview Arts Barn resident in Bobcaygeon. She has appeared in über vierzig Produktionen mit dem Globus Theatre aufgetreten, darunter'Educating Rita','The 39 Steps','The Mysterious Mr. Love','The Secret of Henry & Alice','Shirley Valentine','Sexy Laundry','Real Estate','Raising the Barn' &'Halfway There'.

She' s author ed over 15 pieces, including'Knickers! a Brief Comedy', currently produced at the Upper Canada Playhouse, and her latest piece #Happy, which has been commisioned by the Lighthouse Festival Theatre. They are passionate about the astonishing qualities of the work that they are bringing to Collingwood.

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