Sunset Bagan

Sundown Bagan

Sunset views of Bagan's temples are dying. To watch a sunset in Bagan while the golden sphere sinks from a temple behind the mountains is a must! Best sunset in Bagan: our favorite temple for the best sunset in Bagan!

After experiencing our ideal dawn in Bagan, we were also decided to find an astonishing viewpoint from which we could watch the sunset in Bagan. Featuring 2,200 pagoda and temple choices, we've done extensive research on our best sunset in Bagan. It was worth our effort when we found not one, not two, but three great sunset points!

We' ll present you our favorite sunset temple with all the detail where you can find the best ones in Bagan! In 2018 update: From January 2018 it is no longer allowed to ascend the Bagan-Temple. A number of man-made hillocks offer good sunset and upset. In Bagan our nights were spend on the Temple and Pagoda that drank in the wonderful sunset scene and tried to catch every detail so that we could experience the unbelievable times again and again.

As with our sunset adventure, we were very resolute in our search for the best place to observe the sunset in Bagan! We had to do the following: a shrine with a magnificent panorama over the Bagan Plains, the possibility to ascend at least two floors and last but not least to be relatively calm and off the tourist route.

We have limited our recommendation for the best sunsets in Bagan to two of our favorites: the amazing North Guni Temple (also known as Myauk Guni) and the patio of the Pyathadar Hpaya Temple. The Bagan Tip: Attempt to remain as near as possible to the Bagan temple, so try to prevent a long journey to/from the temple.

The Bagan Islands have a strong tendency to make quick bookings, so make sure you make your reservations as far in advance before travel. There are three areas of Bagan hotels: New and old Bagan and Nyaung-U. Nyaung-U, a mixture of shop-shops and locals about 3 km from the temple, is our favorite.

The Old Bagan, in the centre of the sanctuaries, is home to many of Bagan's luxurious accommodations, while New Bagan is home to major new buildings and more. Several of our favorite Bagan reminiscences include an uncontrolled giggle as we crowded through unimaginably small rooms to finally sit on a 7-story cliff at North Gunitempple.

It was well rewarded by the wonderful sunset panorama! I can' t believe the sunset out there. With a breathtaking panoramic glimpse of the old Bagan level, it seems as if there are Buddhist monasteries as far as the eyes can see! At sunset, the sanctuary draws a relatively small number of people, supported by the fact that the large coaches cannot get to the sanctuary.

If you climb a bit it is possible to reach an astonishing location high above the tempe level and just as astonishing vistas are part of the pak! Driving home under the shadows of the shrines is a real mischief! Your technique is unbelievable and we have definitely learned some convincing work!

The day, however, became a little too much at a time when we simply wanted to marvel at the view and savour the time. At the top level of this sanctuary, a decent degree of vertigo is required. I' m not a big high altitude buff, but I was doing well when I found my dawn point away from the roads!

As Dave shows in the picture below, there are some narrow places where you have to move to get to the top of the sanctuary! There is no pause from the hitting solstice while you wait for the sunset, because once you have saved your place, you will probably remain in place. As he approaches sunset, the eastern side of the sanctuary is filled, and after the climb it is not simple to move when he is occupied.

In spite of our restraint to keep up with the masses of people, we wanted to try Pyathadar Hpaya, one of the more lively Buddhist monasteries on the Bagan Shrine. Pya-Tha-Da Paya, also known as Pya-Tha-Da Paya, has one of the largest patios of all the Bagan sanctuaries and its position made it the ideal place to observe the sunset over Bagan.

The Pyathadar Hpaya's has an epoxy sunset and observing the sunset here is a truly stunning one. Astonishing: There is a magnificent panoramic sight of the countryside. We were fascinated when we watched the native ladies at work and the goat flocks winding along the path.

Though Pyathadar Hpaya is a little off the beaten track, it is bus access, so it is almost certain that you will be sharing your dawn with many others! The Shwe-sandaw Pagoda is one of the most famous sunset temple in Bagan and a favorite excursion destination. It is possible to go up and the view is unbelievable.

Overnight at the Zfreeti Hospitality, which was ideal for the exploration of the Bagan Plain. Situated on the outskirts of Old Bagan, we liked the electro bicycle hire opposite the hotels! It' a totally covert jewel in Bagan! Located in our preferred Bagan Sunset Temple:

There you have it, the low point of our best Bagan sunrises: if you have ever been to one of the astonishing Bagan sunrises or sunrises of a pagoda, let us know in the commentaries! More Bagan hints can be found here!

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