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Myanmar's wonders have been largely hidden from foreigners for a generation. The SunBird Travels & Tours is one of the pioneers of tourism in Burma, now Myanmar. Tours. Sunbird Tour. The SunBirdtours Myanmar is a beautiful world!

Pazundaung, Myanmar.

Magic Country Burma - Itinerary

Myanmar's miracles have been largely concealed from aliens for a whole family. Known to the vast majority of Western people as Burma, this trip is intended to show you not only some of its beautiful birdlife, among them all six of the country's endemic species, but also some of its intriguing people.

During our trip we will explore a number of Myanmar's varied and unmistakable areas. We' ll stay here near the vast Irrawaddy River Rift Valley before heading to Bagan, the old city. Out of Bagan we will explore the vast mix of woods that surround Mt Victoria, Myanmar's most important national park, where we will stay four full-weeks.

Yangon for the evening. Shedagon Pagoda, which is dominated by a shiny golden Stupa. Yangon for the evening. In the early mornings, we head to Hlawga Wildlife Park on the edge of Yangon to look for Chestnut-headed Bee-eaters, Temple-tailed Treepie, Great-billed Green Pigeon, Black-naped Oriole, the characteristic "white-eyed" shape of the Stripe-throated Bulbul (which can only be found in southern Burma), Olive-backed Sunbird and Scarlet Mistle-eater and many other wildlife sorts.

We' ll head back to Yangon before we fly to Bagan, one of the wealthiest archeological places in South East Asia. Bagan tonight. We will also browse the huge sand banks of the powerful Irrawaddy Valley in quest of some of the region's specialties such as White-tailed Wheatear, Sandler's Lark, Wine Shining Star and Brown-backed Sparrow.

Overnight in Bagan. In the early hours of the day we travel a little way to Chauk, where we pass the Irrawaddy River before starting our trip to the Chin Hills. Mt Victoria is localy known for its alternate names Khaw-nu-thone and Nat-ma-taung in Chinese and Burma - both translated as'Mother of Spirits'.

Gray Sibia, Brown-capped, Blue-winged, Assam and Striped Thrushes, Spot-breasted Rufous-breasted Babbler, Black-throated Parrotbill and Hodgson's Frogmouth are just a few of the sight. Like in every montan living space, different altitudes are home to different types. Mount Victoria is home to wildlife such as the Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, the Grey-breasted Thrush, the Himalayan Bluetail and sometimes even the Shrike Tit, the Himalayan Cutia and the Lively Blue Flycatcher.

Part of the daily will be spent on the way back to Bagan, but there will be many stopovers for all the lowlands specialities we have so far not had. Bagan tonight. Today we are flying from Bagan to Heho (near Kalaw) and then to Inle.

Though known for its'leg rowers', we will mainly look for the seldom-used, indigenous Jerdon's Bush Chat. There is also the possibility of catching up with a large number of waterfowl, such as the Iron Duck and Pheasanttail Jacana, while emerging vegetated areas can host citrine wagtail and rose pipit.

in Inle. In the afternoons we search for a wide range of birds such as Eyeglass barwing, Spot-breasted Parrotbill and White-browed Laughing Thrush. Kalaw tonight. Kalaw tonight.

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