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Sun's Burmese cuisine is a restaurant you can't just walk past. Sun's Burmese Kitchen, Blacktown, NSW. Note: Closed on the first Sunday of the month. Sidney' s best restaurant for authentic Burmese cuisine. On the EXPO market we offer a variety of different theater quarter restaurants in the Buffalo area.

Burma's best meal outside Burma - Review of Sun Restaurant, Buffalo, NY

When' s the last goddamn Burmese dinner you had... like you never had before? An impeccable environment, delicious service and a kitchen that will delight you if you love the extravagant and like your Curry spicy. Do for the tender prawns if they are in Season (as now they do Thai as well.

Diversity on the meal was great. Luncheon was cute. I ordered the Kyit Thar Aloo Hin from the Burmese caterer. Also I had the Thai iced tea, cute, and just right for a hot meal! The recently renovated restaurant offers Thai and Burmese food.

We have some tasty delicacies from China - Sesame Chicken and General Tso's Chicken - for those who don't have an adventure palate. Our comprehensive menus offer articles that can be cooked with the meats of your choosing (or vegetarian) and in the desired temperature for you. Your meal is generous portions, inexpensive and cooked with the freshest ingridients.

Prices range from $5 to $16 ý amiable waiters are alert and willing and able to give meal suggestions for those who are new to ASIA. The take-out services are completed in no time. Any other take-out articles are packaged in a container and should remain warm until you reach your goal.

Situated in Black Rock on Niagara Avenue near I-190, this restaurant has a car park. Have you been to Sun Restaurant?

The Sun Restaurant offers endless possibilities for good food

The Sun Restaurant is a place that has evolved since its foundation in 2010. The owners Kevin and Stephanie Lin have turned the area from a former Asiatic store with a few desks and a to-go meal into a full-service restaurant that tears off the sock of everyone who comes through the doors - civilists and authors of both.

Some of the restaurant is full of stalls and desks as well as a small Black Rice SUSHIBAR, with a view of SUSHI 2nd. Kevin Lin, proprietor and head of Sun Kitchen, came to the United States from Japan a few years ago. He had a helping hand getting Sushi to the crowds through a souvenir supermarket here in WNY.

When you add two and two together, you can see that it was Lin who has been in charge of most Buffalonians' passion for sushi for the last 18 years. You will find that Sun serves 3 different kinds of cuisines - Burmese, Thai and black rice sushi (or 2. 0 sushi), all of which are dominated by Lin and the Sun people.

Here you will find tasty Burmese food such as Wels Chowder, which is often consumed by Burmese every day, Pad Thai and Red Curry from the Thai food list and never-ending second course of sushi. When he introduced WNY with Suzhi, Lin took it to the next stage with Black Rice Suzhi and opened the first Black Rice Bar in the United States - Sun Restaurant.

Sussie two. A Lin Family creations, 0 differs significantly from the common types of puree, which you are used to in other urban eating places. Sun's black paddy used is a hazelnut seed thought to have health-promoting qualities in China's medical field. They don't want to use MSG in their Sussie-2.

Zero meals (Sun's meal is 100% MSG-free), Sun chose to mix dark brown paddy with South East Asiatic food products such as sweet pastry, sweet palms and almonds. Advantages of Sun's Sushi 2. The sun is probably one of the most ideal places for a meal. For example, the Burmese luncheon crate gives lunches the opportunity to try seven meals for just $12, with the luncheon crate containing the day's hot meal of lettuce, chickens or vealcurries.

Le Peth Thoat lettuce (Burmese marinated leaves with crunchy peas, roasted cloves of apple, onions, tomatoes, lemon zest, lemon zest, lemon zest and peanuts), Buthi Jyaw (fried pumpkin) and Taro Custard (subtly tasty and sweet). If that wasn't enough, there's always a little bit of brown and noodles.

Honestly, it's enough to make me want to eat Burmese all the way through, and it's likely to make the Buffalo people still fell in love it. Lun lunches will have you in, out and full in a timely fashion and you're just a leap from town.

It is remarkable that in Sun you can enjoy a tasty, imaginative meal or supper at a sensible rate. With Seafood & Sake you can try your hand at Black Rice Rolls (your choice), a mix of Black Rice Sun Pods and Sake Flights of 3 for just $5 apiece.

Sun's staff works really hard to please everyone and bring them closer to the culture and food they like. As Buffalo's ambassador of asiatic cooking, once you get there, you get the reason. To learn more about Sun Restaurant, go to their website and join them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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